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Fancy Chalkboard table numbers are the major trend now in every cafe, diners, and bars. They are the bomb in Instagram posts of every casual dining and themed restaurant in the city and artsy DIY enthusiasts. They give customers something to be amused at while waiting for their orders. The artful design on a chalkboard makes a small table number an eye-catching piece of art and craft.

The Charm of Chalkboard Table Numbers 

DIY chalkboard table numbers

Having a chalkboard table number would complete the vintage image you want to create inside your café or diner. It also gives a warm and welcoming feel with its rustic design. And making these playful chalkboard table numbers are easy and light on the budget.

Here are some different designs for chalkboard table numbers that you can create to make your space unique and fun.

Hanging Chalkboard Table Numbers

chalkboard table number

This one is fun and cute. It looks like a mini blackboard with a number written on it. Hand them over to your customers and let them hang it on the available hook stand on the tables. With the use of a chalkboard vinyl sheet, you can create this piece of craft. Simply cut the vinyl sheet into a size that you prefer for your table number, then, put a hole near the edge to hang it on the hook. Then, you can start using those colorful liquid chalk markers to write down the number. You can put extra designs on it to make it look fun.

Rotating Double-Sided Chalkboard Table Numbers

Instead of making a simple square chalkboard for your table numbers, why not make it look more elegant by creating a miniature rotating signage. You can create this by covering a small sized spinning metal stand with a chalkboard contact paper. The metal stand already includes a spinning flat square space where you can write on, cover both sides with your contact paper. Then, write the table number on one side with the liquid chalk markers. And on the other side, you can write your specials for the day or any welcoming messages for your guests.

These are just some of the ideas you can start with when making chalkboard table numbers. And there are still thousands of other crafts you can create with chalkboards to make each and every space a unique and stylish one.


Your restaurant business deserve some artsy feel to it so create your chalkboard table numbers today! 


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