The 3 Best Reasons Why a Chalkboard Menu is a Must for Your Diner

The 3 Best Reasons Why a Chalkboard Menu is a Must for Your Diner

Setting your own diner apart from the thousands of others in America can be a tough task. Running out of ideas for how to drive sales at the diner you have poured your heart and soul into? Then this is the perfect time to make the switch to Chalkboards! They are cheap, durable, versatile and stylish, and you can customize them with your target market in mind. (They are also very Instagram-worthy!) If you are looking to grow your clientele and revitalize your decor, there is no doubt that a chalkboard menu and chalkboard signs will be the smartest and most economical addition you can make to your business!

Why Opt for Chalkboard Menus for Diners

chalkboard menu for diners

Chalkboards have been dominating the DIY world for many years now. The trend began with the old standard: simple blackboards and traditional chalks. But to meet the diverse demands of contemporary tastes and satisfy the growing number of chalkboard fanatics, boards now come in many different forms made of various materials.

Chalkboard surfaces are now available as easy stick-on vinyl sheets or contact paper and even as a handy spray chalkboard paint. And that traditional chalk has given way to the modern wonder of liquid chalk markers to eliminate that irritating chalk residue that always seems to get under your nails.

Most diners use chalkboards for menus. They usually construct a big board behind the counter and set aside an area for all the specials of the day alongside the regular menu. However, many business owners today have come up with novel and amazing ways to display their menus or other offerings using chalkboards.

Here are some of the best chalkboard menus I have seen in big and small diners:

Chalkboard Menu for Diners: Ideas and Inspirations

Chalkboard Menu Tray

This one is smartly stylish. It is a simple food tray with a top side covered with chalkboard adhesive sheets. The menu is written with colorful liquid chalk markers, with the special of the day strikingly highlighted. When you’re ready to decide what to order, the café workers hand you a stunning piece of art!

Chalkboard Tabletop Menu

This is the most convenient way to highlight your special offers. Customers will certainly take notice of your unique chalkboard tabletop menu. By the time your customers get comfortable in their seats, they already know which new dish to try or what special treats await them for dessert.

Chalkboard Outdoor Stand

Nothing catches the attention of pedestrians in a busy shopping district like a vintage-looking chalkboard stand outside your diner’s door. It is a unique and stylish but classic look. Along with striking designs and pictures, you can put a catchy phrase on it that makes a passerby eager to try out your place.

Benefits of a Chalkboard Menu

  • Economical

Chalkboards are so cheap! Creating your DIY chalkboard menu will not cost you a fortune. You can simply purchase chalkboard vinyl sheets or contact paper and liquid chalk markers and you’re all set to make your own chalkboard menu. In fact, you can even purchase a framed chalkboard for less than $5! Now, that’s a great deal to market your business without breaking the bank.

  • Unique and Stylish

For diner owners who want to give their place a comfy yet contemporary feel, adding a chalkboard menu is a great choice. The vintage look of chalkboard menus gives a diner a friendly atmosphere, while assuring customers that they can get great food at a great price. With a unique and fun chalkboard menu awaiting them, more and more customers will be drawn to your diner business. And since liquid chalk markers are erasable, you can change both the items on your menu and its color and design any time you want.

  • Handy and Versatile

Not only are chalkboards easy to read, they are easy to use as well. You can share highly visible messages on your chalkboard to catch the attention of customers. Did I mention that chalkboards come in different sizes? Well, they do. That’s why you can use them in millions of different ways such as indoors, outdoors, on table tops, swinging gently in hanging frames and a lot more.

Chalk or Liquid Markers? Which is Better?

Chalkboard users nowadays prefer liquid chalk markers over traditional chalks for the following reasons:

  • They are nonpermanent and easy to erase cleanly.
  • They are cheaper than the acrylic paints used in traditional signage.
  • Liquid Chalk Markers don’t produce dust like traditional chalk does.
  • They create more legible, sharper lines. Best for creating artistic designs.
  • You can use chalk markers to write on many surfaces besides chalkboards!

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own chalkboard menu for your diner today and start making those sales while saving a lot of money on marketing!