2 Fun and Easy Family Activities to Liven Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

2 Fun and Easy Family Activities to Liven Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving and looking to create something even more memorable than the stuffed turkey you are preparing for your guests? Above all, Thanksgiving is about being grateful for all that you have received in the last year. In my home, my friends and family make it a point to remind each other of the many blessings we have received.  

It’s time to make Thanksgiving dinner a night to remember with these great Thanksgiving chalkboard art ideas! For the best in DIY projects and crafts, nothing beats my trusty set of chalk markers.

Create A DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Instead of stuffing dried cones and leaves in a basket for this year’s Thanksgiving centerpiece, why not make something truly special out of that pumpkin you plucked from the local market? It is easy to make the feast a more memorable and meaningful one by passing around a chalk art craft we call the Grateful Pumpkin.

This is a no-fuss activity. As they all begin gathering around the table to wait for the turkey to cool down before carving, your guests can grab a chalk marker and take turns writing down what they are thankful for this year. Each person can start by writing “I am thankful for…” and then wrap their writing around the pumpkin to complete the sentence.

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This makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving because it reminds everyone that the things they are grateful for are the true highlight of tonight’s dinner—even more than the sumptuous food. But of course, everyone should also express their gratitude to the cook for the turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

A wonderful add-on to this project is to read the messages on the pumpkin aloud during the feast. Because the messages wrap around the pumpkin, reading them aloud requires everyone working together—a great reminder that blessings are best when shared with friends and family.

If a pumpkin centerpiece does not fit your style or your tabletop, this next DIY Thanksgiving idea may just be your cup of tea.

How To Make The Best DIY Thanksgiving Tree

DIY Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Tree is similar to a Christmas Tree, but way more portable! This DIY Thanksgiving idea is perfect as a conversation piece in the living room where guests are mingling, catching up and nabbing appetizers. For this Thanksgiving chalkboard art, I like to use chalkboard labels as ornaments because they are just the right size for my Thanksgiving Tree.

DIY Thanksgiving ideas

There are two ways to create your Thanksgiving Tree. You can either pluck a branch from a tree outside or simply create your tree on a frameless acrylic chalkboard.

Make Your Thanksgiving Tree Tree-Friendly

If you want to go with the first option, make sure the branch you pick out is just a small one. It is best to get the branch from an evergreen tree or a smaller bush that has dropped its leaves and gone to sleep for winter. Safely trimming a branch of a tree requires using a saw or special pruning shears, and some trees can only be pruned safely at certain times of year. So if you don't know much about these matters, do a little research online before you head out to the backyard.

I actually have a few plants in pots, so I can just bring one of them into the living room and not have to cut off any branches. Once I have the "tree" in place, guests can just pick up a chalk marker and write their thoughts of gratitude on a vintage chalkboard label. I keep string handy so it's easy to hang these ornamental "Thank-You Notes" on the branch. It’s a great DIY Thanksgiving project, and the best part is, you can reuse the notes as DIY Christmas ornaments!

Draw Your Own DIY Thanksgiving Tree

If you don't have a small bush or tree branch readily available, no problem! You can draw a tree using a chalk marker. Make sure you use autumn colors, of course! A frameless chalkboard is ideal, because it draws all the attention to the tree. If the board is steel or porcelain steel, your guests can just stick their notes of gratitude onto it with magnets. Or you can cut out autumn leaves from chalkboard vinyl sheets for the Thank-You Notes as yet another way to decorate your Thanksgiving Tree. 

Giving everyone a space to write down and share what they’re thankful for can make Thanksgiving a truly memorable day! Liven up your Thanksgiving dinner with these wonderful DIY Thanksgiving ideas. Because nothing spells G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L better than a personalized “Thank You” chalkboard art note!