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Chalk-Related Projects for Your Mardi Gras Celebrations

Party decorating ideas with a Mardi Gras theme

chalkboard with liquid chalk markers and wine glasses

Liquid chalk markers and chalkboards make great signboards and announcements.


When people say ‘Mardi Gras’, images of colorful, raucous Brazilian street parties come to mind. We do have our own celebrations here in the USA. In fact, Mardi Gras on February 28 is a state holiday for Alabama and Louisiana.

Join the celebrations by staging your own Mardi Gras-themed party. Here are some ideas for the decor. Projects are meant to be simple, with materials readily available from your kitchen, your neighborhood Michael’s or the dollar store. Once you collect the raw material, you will need tools and canvases. We suggest Versachalk liquid chalk markers to make your designs pop. These come with complementary media: chalkboards, chalkboard contact paper, labels and mason jar lid covers.


The face mask is a great blank canvas. Showcase your designs on it with liquid chalk.

DIY Venetian-inspired face mask
The young woman who created this party face mask is selling extras on eBay. You can make your own. Cut a face-width piece from a sheet of removable chalkboard contact paper (ours is made of soft, flexible vinyl). If you need a guide, place a sleep mask on the backing of the vinyl sheet and trace around it. Cut two big holes for the eyes and two smaller ones near the edges for threading the ribbon through (for securing the mask around the head). Separate flap for the nose—optional.

One your mask canvas is ready, you can decorate it however you want. We designed our mask with chalk pens and attached a feather for effect. You can let your imagination run wild. Instead of dots, you can use gemstones, gold studs and even nuts! Beware of squirrels, though.

What better way to announce your party than neon liquid ink on a chalkboard or a pane of glass? After the revelry is over, simply wipe off the writing for the next party. Our announcement was written on a slate chalkboard

Liquid chalk can be used on glass and metal. Use it to make your wine glasses sparkle.

Wine glasses
If you don’t want to use your expensive crystal, buy plastic goblets from the dollar store. Chalk pens will add sparkle. Place your decorated wine glasses on top of tempered glass with a lighted candle underneath to give them that special glow. Or surround them with wine bottles, beaded necklaces and other shiny bric-a-brac. Use festival-inspired lingo. We chose: “Sin, repent, repeat.”


Wine tags and labels 

Bottle tags—no more switcheroos!

Bottle tags and drink labels
Placing labels on glasses solves the problem of drink switching. Bottle tags ensure guests don’t walk away with your prized Château Latour. Use liquid chalk markers to write attendees’ names on chalkboard labels, then stick these on the glasses. Labels are removable and liquid chalk can be wiped off with a wet cloth.


Door hanger

Door hanger photo courtesy Angela’s Creative Craft

Door Hangers
If you have a handheld electric saw or other wood carver, you can cut chalkboards to the shape you want, then go to town drawing and painting on it. Use a glue gun to stick your choice of bauble on it. If you only have scissors and prefer to work with pliable material, your best bet is the chalkboard contact paper. Mix up your media: combine wood, paper, liquid chalk, thumbtacks, sequins, ribbons, fabric, costume jewelry, and suchlike. Preserve your bling with a shimmer sealer.

Labeled containers
Spice jars can be used to show off ‘throws’ (goodies tossed to the crowd during parades). Use pre-cut chalkboard labels to write names or contents. Both liquid chalk markers and traditional chalk work on them. Just peel off the backing from the vinyl sheet and stick the labels on jars, bottles, Tupperware, or other container.

Mason jar lids

Who says jar covers are boring? Make them sing with liquid chalk! 

Mason jar lids
A variation of the above would be to decorate the lids of mason jars—if you don’t want anything covering the glass of your containers. The equivalent of the stick-on labels are metal mason jar lid covers.

Other decorative items you can ‘chalkify’:

  • Posters
  • Collages
  • Invitations
  • Picture frames
  • Lampposts

Whatever project you plan, don’t forget to party!