Awesome and Functional DIY Chalkboard Contact Paper Ideas—Gifts, Books and More!

Awesome and Functional DIY Chalkboard Contact Paper Ideas—Gifts, Books

Do you always have a hard time picking out gift wrap designs? Or cannot find the perfect cover for a book? Why not make your own unique designs using chalkboard paper? These DIY fancy papers are economical, versatile and handy. You will never run out of ideas for DIY projects once you start using these awesome chalkboard papers.

Chalkboard contact paper is easy to use. Simply peel off the paper backing and stick the contact paper wherever you want to make your DIY magic. They have a strong adhesive that holds fast, but is also easy to remove for repositioning. And the paper is exceptionally durable, so you don’t have to worry about the sheets tearing as you create your artsy craft.

Adhesive chalkboard paper is your all-purpose partner for arts and crafts. You can make hundreds of artsy DIY projects with it. Here are a few of the DIY projects I have come up with so far using these amazing chalkboard paper wrappers. Try them, and then explore your own ideas!

One-of-a-kind Gift Wrap

chalkboard paper

Grab your chalkboard contact paper and chalk markers to create your personalized gift wrapping paper.

  1. Simply cut the contact paper to the appropriate size and wrap it around your gift. There’s no need to use tape — the contact paper is self-adhesive! Just peel off the backing and wrap, letting the adhesive take care of the rest.
  2. Next, use the chalk markers and start sketching designs on your wrapper.
  3. Once you've created a nice background of designs, add images and messages to personalize your chalkboard wrapper. 

Best of all, there is no need for a gift tag! You can write your "TO" and "FROM" and best wishes messages right on your chalkboard gift wrapper! Remember, liquid chalk marker ink is erasable with a damp cloth, so you don't have to fear making a mistake.

Multipurpose Book Cover

I hate it when I forget the page where I left off when I put my book down. And bookmarks always fall out and get misplaced. Some of them even leave unpleasant markings on my book. I’m sure all book lovers out there share my frustration!

So I came up with an idea for creating a unique, multipurpose book cover that protects my treasured books and serves as a page marker at the same time.

Here’s how to create your own multipurpose book cover:

  1. Get a sheet of adhesive chalkboard contact paper and wrap it around your book. If you don’t get the positioning right on your first attempt, fear not! It is easy to peel off and reapply the contact paper.
  2. After covering the entire book with the contact paper, you can add designs, pictures, and fun quotes using your chalk markers.
  3. The best part is, using a liquid chalk marker, you can just make a note of the page where you left off—right on the book cover! The next time you pick up the book, find your page and then wipe away your note with a damp cloth so you'll be ready to reuse your "bookmark." Since chalkboard contact paper is highly durable, your DIY cover will protect your book better than a plain paper cover.

With chalkboard contact paper, you don’t need to spend a lot to create DIY projects. They are highly versatile and easy to use, so you can readily use them in almost all of your art and crafts adventures.

So roll up your sleeves and start creating these easy DIY chalkboard paper projects to save a lot of time and money while enjoying craft making!