Pawtastic Chalkboard Art For Man's Best Friend During International Dog Month!

Pawtastic Chalkboard Art For Man's Best Friend During International Do

August is International Dog Month and we just hit the climax by celebrating International Dog Day on August 27. Well, there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than to create unique, personalized and handcrafted chalkboard art with chalkboard quotes to show your four-legged friends your love. After all, our adorable pooches only deserve the best!

So get your liquid chalk markers and chalkboards ready and let me share with you the Doggy Hall of Fame I created to celebrate International Dog Day. This chalkboard art project is easy and affordable, but looks like a million barks—uh, I mean bucks!

If you're like me and have adorable dogs (I've got six of them!), then this bit of chalkboard craft is perfect for you. To create your International Dog Month chalkboard art, grab different colors of classic liquid chalk markers or neon liquid chalk markersself-adhesive chalkboard contact paper, and a big old sheet of cardboard. Then, pick out the memorable photos of your cute dogs that you want to put on your chalkboard Hall of Fame.

To start, wrap your old cardboard with the self-adhesive chalkboard contact paper. Then, grab those lovely photos of your dogs and start sticking them on your homemade chalkboard.

Now, with your colored liquid chalk markers, add some nicely handwritten chalkboard quotes to the top portion of your artistic Doggy Hall of Fame.

international dog day

Here are some of my favorite "doggy" chalkboard quotes that you could use:

  • “If I had a dollar for every time my dogs made me smile, I’d be a Millionaire.”
  • "Stay Paw-sitive"
  • “If you believe that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then you never owned a dog.”
  • “The best therapists have fur and four legs.”
  • “A relationship with a dog is the most truthful relationship you’ll ever have.”

You can also add a quote or caption for each photo of your dogs. Use your chalk markers to share what it is that makes each of them special and unique.

Make art that makes a difference.

Another way to show your appreciation for our adorable furry friends is by promoting dog adoption. There are hundreds of homeless dogs out in the streets, cold and hungry, who just need a nice home with loving owners. Check out this clever and touching example of chalkboard art promoting adoption.

international dog day

Make your celebration of International Dog Month fun and artsy with liquid chalk markers, chalkboards of all kinds, and a little creativity. Chalkboard art projects like these are quick and easy on the budget. So show some love to your adorable four-legged best friends by creating amazing chalkboard art!