Try These Top 10 DIY Chalkboard Art Tips To Increase Your Customer Traffic

Try These Top 10 DIY Chalkboard Art Tips To Increase Your Customer Tra

Did you know that liquid chalk markers can help attract customers and increase sales for your business? These days, businesses like restaurants, cafes and local shops are all competing to make their establishments the hippest and coolest spots in town. In many neighborhoods, you can see a hipster cafe right around the corner with DIY chalkboard art projects everywhere. There is also a snazzy Italian restaurant down the road with chalk paintings on its walls. Even the clothing store in the mall has chalkboard art adding life and color to its doors.

The many uses of liquid chalk markers and chalkboard art are not limited to home DIY projects, school art projects, and home organization. Chalk art can be great for businesses, too!

Discover the top ten ways that chalk markers can help improve customer traffic, brand engagement and even social media status. In no time at all, your food hub could be trending on social media platforms because of your eye-catching chalkboard art. Let me show you how!

Where’s The Sale? Use Chalkboard Markers In Red And White!

All you need to make a dominant sign is a sheet of chalkboard contact paper and a frameless chalkboard. Use huge, bold, capital letters and feature your brand’s logo. Writing in red and white liquid chalk markers always attracts attention, but you can add your brand's own colors as well. Does the sale have a special promo? Customers are drawn to percentage (%) signs such as “50% OFF!”

Why Not Make A Calendar Of Events As Your Chalkboard Art?

chalkboard calendar 

This DIY project is great for gaining followers and building customer loyalty. Satisfied customers always come back for more eventually, but they will make a special point of visiting your establishment again soon if they can see that there's a whole month’s worth of goodies and treats waiting for them! Do you have a sale coming up next weekend? Use liquid chalk markers to promote it boldly in red. Then add a splash of another color to announce next Thursday’s special promotion on your chalkboard wall calendar.

How To Use Humor On Chalkboard Paper

Happy customers are the best customers, but you don’t need dazzling entertainment to cheer them up on a dreary day. According to Shop Keep, humor is the key, and humor can be found in the smallest things. Just yesterday on my way to work, I was craving something sweet. I happened to pass by a small pastry shop with a funny chalkboard paper sign on the glass window: “Come in and try the WORST donut EVER!” I was drawn in by the laugh, but I have to tell you, the donut was actually delish!

“Parts Of A Pie” Chalkboard For Restaurants

Have you ever gone into a restaurant where you order at the counter before taking your seat? In the hottest cafes today, customers can see the ingredients of every offering for themselves before placing their orders. I recently visited such an establishment with a friend who is allergic to peanuts. Because of the huge chalkboard menu behind the counter, we could order a pie with confidence, knowing it was peanut-free. Even their condiments had chalkboard labels on them listing the ingredients—so helpful for customers like my friend!

You Can Tell Us What To Drink Using Chalkboard Wall Decor

Chalkboard wall art is perfect for cafes. By using chalkboards large and small in your cafe, you can decorate your walls, share favorite customer quotes and promote your brand. Upon entering a local cafe recently, I was greeted with a huge chalk paint sign reading, “Welcome and enjoy our homemade brewed coffee.” Simple, yet it caught my attention. Even though I had walked in without any inclination to have coffee, I immediately thought of ordering a cup.

A Better Way To Tell Customers Where Your Bathroom Is Using Chalk Markers

Chalkboard wall decor is great for attractive signs about your products and services, but it doesn't have to end there. Put a smile on your customers' faces by replacing boring "Men" and "Women" bathroom signs with creative chalk art. One Spanish restaurant features fun drawings of male and female Flamenco dancers on its bathroom doors. It’s simple but artistic, and it humorously jibes with the restaurant's theme.

The Secret Is To Make Them Hungry For Cake Using Liquid Chalk Markers

I once walked into a restaurant and had no idea what to order, but I saw that the whole place was decorated with images of the house specialty. You can do the same at your establishment. Do you serve the best burger in town? Use chalk paint to draw a hot and tasty-looking burger on the tables, the menu and even the windows. Such artwork is a great marketing strategy and an awesome way to communicate your business’ branding, .

How To Get Your Customers To Make Their Own Chalkboard Art

A great way to increase customer engagement is by letting them make their own art. While they are waiting for their dish, they can have fun by writing on the wall or window using chalk markers. Think of it as customer engagement through shared ownership: By making mini DIY projects of their own, customers can help shape your establishment's image for the day! To make sure customers have a clear space to unleash their creativity, you can hang a picture frame (without the glass or board) on the chalkboard wall and place liquid chalk markers by its side. Post a question such as, “What do you love about our pizza?” Customers will write comments and even draw amazing pictures! Plus, this is a great way to get the kids settled down as they await the food they're starving for.

The Big Reason Why Chalkboard Paintings Are Social Media Friendly

It is important for any business today to be socially engaged online. Make sure you have a strong presence on all the relevant social media platforms. Any business can easily get “follows” and “likes” if customers know where to find it online. Let them know by displaying your social media info using chalkboard paper and chalkboard paintings. As an added plus, they can tag your location and business to their pictures.

Does Your Business Have Clients Coming In For Chalkboard Meetings?

Chalkboards for restaurant function rooms are becoming an invaluable tool for professionals who can't let hunger get in the way of business. Clients can come to not only enjoy your food, but also discuss important projects and information. What better way to help them brainstorm and solve problems? When it comes to the many benefits of installing a chalkboard for restaurants, function rooms are often overlooked, but it's a great way to help your customers get the most out of their time. According to Lake Side Painting website, dry-erase chalkboards and and liquid chalk markers are much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional chalk and chalkboards.

Liquid chalk markers are not just limited to DIY projects for the home. Businesses can also benefit from using the simple tools of chalk paint and chalkboard menus. It is a simple but effective way to gain followers, market the brand, encourage social media engagement and increase sales!

There are establishments like cafes and restaurants using chalkboard art already, and they are growing in number. Don’t get left behind! Amp your business branding and style now with chalkboard art by using liquid chalk markers today!