10 Chalkboard Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

10 Chalkboard Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Are you planning to use chalkboard art to grow your business but are not sure where and how to start? I find humor to be a great place to begin, especially if you have liquid chalk markers on hand!

If you are an entrepreneur taking baby steps as you explore various marketing opportunities, you know that there are many ways to catch potential customers’ attention. But if you want to make use of humor in your DIY projects, you need to find the right tone for your audience. As a business owner, you already know the market you want to attract. Whether you are just starting your business or ready to reach for the next level of success, chalkboard art is a cost-effective way to energize your advertising.

So how do you start targeting your niche market using chalkboard art and signs that make a statement? You'll want the perfect tools—colorful liquid chalk markers, witty quips, chalkboards and creativity. With all of these on hand, you can boost your business without spending a lot of money on advertising design and printing costs. By targeting the right audience with the right humor, you can generate the perfect chalkboard marketing strategy.

If you have a business you want to advertise, you can utilize cool and witty chalkboard marketing ideas like these to turn heads:

1. How To Tell Them Where They Can Grab Some Drinks And Have A Great Experience

Sidewalks mean foot traffic. Most of the time, however, pedestrians are too busy to notice that there is a bar or restaurant along their way. A chalkboard sign outside your cafe door or in the middle of the sidewalk with a message like "Buy a cappuccino, get a flashy smile from the barista, FREE!" will always capture the eyes of people who need some extra positive vibes to keep them going through their day. They will be more than happy to stop in for a cup of your steaming specialty in exchange for that smile!

2. One Reason Why You Should Tell Them Everything Is Great On Instagram

The social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat are growing in popularity daily, and it is a great idea to join the trend. A humorous way to encourage people to spread the word about your great business is to wittily inform them that, “You Can Instagram This Sign and Everything Else Inside.” It is hard to beat the great and FREE marketing exposure for your brand that happens when those pictures generate follows, shares and likes online.

So sidewalk signs are great, but what’s really fun is that you can also use chalkboards to decorate the interior of your store! You can bring walls, windows, doors and even tables to life with liquid chalk markers. It is a great way to get your message out about your business. Why not welcome customers in with a HUGE “Welcome to the Best Cafe In Town” sign covering an entire wall? Aside from highlighting your brand and logo, you can also promote a tagline like “Best Ice Cream HERE!” Plus, if you have products that are always moving or a rotating inventory, having chalkboards on your shelves is incredibly handy. You can label today’s featured “Chocolate Cupcake,” then wipe the board clean the next day to make way for “Pumpkin Bread.”

3. Dogs (Or Even Cats) Get Attention, Too

There are only a few businesses that cater to dogs. Most of the time, when pet owners walk inside a store, their sad dogs are left outside on a leash in the hot sun. Imagine how much happier your dog-loving customers will be if while Fido waits, he can drink from a bowl of water that has a convenient chalkboard art sign that reads, “Water for your dog.” As Blaze Press points out, such dog bowl chalk art can also have an added humorous tag line such as, “Or Water for short people with low standards. We don’t judge!”

4. Conversations And Feeling Valued Matter: Using Liquid Chalk Markers to Connect and Engage

The beauty of conversation, most people say, is gone. Nowadays, people often seem to be more connected to their smartphones than with the people right in front of them. To show your commitment to encouraging genuine personal interaction, why not make a sign that reads “We don’t have WIFI. Talk to each other!” You may be surprised how many people would still love to put their phones down and enjoy a cup of brew while talking. And to make sure that your customers know you treasure their socializing, you can also use liquid chalk markers to write personal Thank You messages to your customers on their coffee cups or even on a chalkboard food and drink tray. After lifting that cup of brew off of the tray, it would lift anyone's heart to see a smiley face and a “Thank you for dining with us!” message.

5. Sing That Popular Tune On Chalkboards

Using liquid chalk markers, you can highlight today’s special with a clever reference to a catchy tune. If everything goes right, people will not only find themselves craving for that item on the menu, but also leaving with a Last Song Syndrome that constantly reawakens their fond memories of your cafe. A lot of people love bacon to begin with, but no one will be able to resist your bacon omelette when you promote it with a sign pleading, “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart!” You can create tons of DIY projects using song lyrics alone.

6. Reveal Their Real Needs In Life

Have customers that struggle making the best decision? Help them out by making a decision tree. According to Shop Keep, if you want to boost sales, why not make it simple for your customers to decide what to do? This is an awesome chalkboard marketing method. A great way to reach people on a personal level is to motivate them to never give up. Remind them that it's okay that they are working hard in order to reach their dreams with a beautiful sign made with chalk markers. Congratulate them on making it through another day, then encourage them to “Come inside and have a drink or a quick desert fix.”

7. Promise Your Customers A Cozy Shelter From the Weather and Some Comfort Food and Drinks

It is always raining somewhere in the world and wherever the rain is falling, you can be sure that there are people out there who didn’t bring umbrellas. When the weather turns wet, make sure to post chalkboards outside alerting people that it “Looks Like Rain – Quick! Get Inside!” Have the smell of warm coffee or hot soup waiting for them as soon as they open your door. You can also try to put a unique spin on a traditional holiday slogan. Is it snowing outside? Make a sign that reads “'Tis the Season to Shop!” to draw those shivering sidewalk strollers into your store to buy a sweater or two. And if it is reeaally cold, then just make a sign with bold white liquid chalk markers that reads, “Coffee Served Here, We know You Need A Cup!”

8. Invite Them To Submit To Their Cravings

This kind of chalkboard marketing helps your customers relate to your business on a personal and empathetic level while giving them a hint of your specialty product or food. A humorous way to tell people that you’re open for business and that you serve hot, delicious food is by posting a chalkboard art sign outside your store that reads, “Pizza is Forever.”

9. Unique Ways To Promote Your Product On Chalkboards

Do you have the best product in town? A cool way to highlight your business using chalkboard marketing is by announcing that particular product’s main feature—and then adding humor: “We serve the best nachos in town. Plus we have free air conditioning!” You can also use a framed chalkboard to display the products you have on hand. What are the hottest items on your shelves that are new and only available for a limited time?

You can even utilize a huge chalkboard to display product information. Wouldn’t it be neat for customers to find out your products are non-toxic, natural and safe for the environment because you highlighted all the ingredients? Let them know why your product stands out from the rest!

10. How To Use Heartbreak As A Way Into Their Hearts—DIY Project

It may seem like it would be hard to get people who are not having a great day to come inside and enjoy your food, but you can lighten their load by putting some humor into your chalk art. Tell them, “We Have Drinks As Cold As Your Ex’s Heart.” With a few well chosen words, you can turn an aching heart into a smiling face and win over a new, loyal customer all at once—it's a win-win!


The beauty of this form of advertising is that it only requires investment in a few basics. When it comes to growing your business, liquid chalk markers and chalkboards are a cost-effective way to attract and engage with customers.

It may be difficult at first to find the perfect marketing approach for the kind of customers you want to attract. Use promotions like these DIY projects and chalkboard marketing ideas as part of your advertising strategy to establish brand identity and reach out to your customers on a more personal level. It will definitely make them want to come back for more. Many will even make your food and drinks their daily fix!