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A Love Letter to Our Dearest Artists

Here's to celebrating your timeless craft!

The globe's ephemeral beauty exists because of you. And to create art is to express love in its most profound form - to paint the world with beauty and emotion.

This love month, we pay homage to our artists who are also professional calligraphers, art instructors, DIY and crafts creators, and more. And within them, there exists a group who wields chalk as their medium. They use their talents to create stunning works of art on chalkboard, paper, walls, windows, mirrors, and surfaces they transform into canvases.

These talented individuals brought chalk to life with their ideas and creativity. With their timeless craft, they enrich our communities and inspire awe in all who encounter their creations.


A Love Letter to Our Artists:


Love letter to our dearest artists


Artist Spotlight

Meet the incredible VersaChalk artists who have brought chalk to life and continue to amaze us with their unique styles and designs. 

Christy Toney

Chicago Calligrapher | Content Creator

Aimee Hines

Food Stylist | Cookie & Cake Artist | Calligrapher

Alanna Flowers

Lettering | Art Licensing | Workshops

Alexandra DeConti

Watercolor Artist | Events

Allison Washko

Lettering and More Artsy Stuff!

Ammi Aldous

Northern Utah Calligrapher | Sip & Script Instructor

Andrah De Alwis

Ellipsis Design Co. LLC | Kansas Calligrapher | Bottle Painting

Angenise Rawls

Calligraphy | Engraving | Hot Foiling | Events

Ashley Leung

Lettering & Calligraphy | Sip & Script Instructor

Ashley Tarango

Calligraphy & Engraving | Sip & Script Instructor

Bailey Hindman

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy | Sip & Script Instructor

Belle Llorin

Registered Nurse | Calligrapher | NYC

Beth Newman

Art Classes | Learn to Paint

Betzy Flores

DIY | Crafts | Sublimation | Laser Engraving | Design

Bindi Desai

Watercolor Artist | Mixed Media Artist

Briana Boitano

Hand Letterer | Designer | Muralist

Brittany LaDuna

Denver Calligrapher | Engraver

Caitie Stewart

Arts & Crafts | Books

Cami Franklin

Custom Calligraphy | Hand Lettering & Engraving | Envelope Addressing

Cari Voeltner

Custom Artwork and Decor | Designs

Carissa Flores

Calligrapher | Wedding | Workshops

Carissa Sliwinski

Hand Lettering Artist | Creator

Carmen Boone

Calligraphy | Engraver | Sip & Script Instructor 

Cass Abraham

Artist | Calligraphy

Charlene Tayag

Bay Area Calligraphy | Custom Events

Chelsea Oliver

Pittsburgh Weddings | Modern Calligrapher | Chalkboard

Cheyenne Tucker

Utah Calligrapher | Event Artist

Christine Nichol Olimpo

Calligraphy | Hot Foiling | Hand Engraving

Christy Yuen

NYC Calligrapher & Engraver | Luxury Events | Designs

Clairly v.d. Heuvel

Lettering | Watercolor Artist

Danny Pinedo

Hand Lettering | Rock Painting

Darra Sargent

Baltimore Artist | Branding Design

Elissa Surabian

Hand Letterer | Chalk Artist | Muralist | Events

Emily Fournier

Colorado Calligrapher | Engraver | Live Events

Emily Shanley

WI Calligraphy | Event Signage

Emma Carpenter

Lettering | Philadelphia

Erin Anderson

Maryland Calligrapher | Weddings | Events

Eva Contreras

Calligraphy | Lettering | Flowers

Grace Chen

Las Vegas Calligrapher | Engraver

Heather Larsen

Hand Lettering | Calligraphy

Hyo J Kim

Recycling Crafts | Nature Handicraft Ebooks

Janie de Guzman

Brand Creative | Artist

Jeel Porreca

Artist | Chalk Art | Drawing

Jennifer Jesse

Artist | Calligrapher | Surface Designer

Jessica Draper

Chicago Calligrapher | Live Engraver

Joanelle Tan

Hand Letters | Handmade Crafts

Julia Baker

Calligraphy Instructor | workshops

Kaitlin Ryan

Chalk Artist & Muralist | Events

Kaitlyn Bennett

Event Artist | Calligrapher | Engraver

Kaleena Sorenso

Lettering | Illustration | Custom Art

Kaneo Biggs

NYC Calligrapher | Engraver

Kate Slayton

Lettering | Boutique Signs | Designs

Katie Buxton

RI Calligrapher & Engraver | Weddings | Events

Katie Hunt

Chalk Artist | Designer | Signage | Handlettering

Kimber Folden

Drawings | Artist

Kimberly Dodge

Creative Journaling | Books | Snailmail | Hygge Lifestyle

Kimberly Smith

Seattle-area Calligrapher | Live engraving | Signage

Kotono Seo

Chalk Artist | Mural | Lettering | Engraving

Kristen Buwalda

Chalkboard Artist | Design

Kristin Baisden

Ohio Calligrapher | Engraver | Sip & Script Instructor

Laura Damiano

Custom Designs | Wedding | Event Stationery

Lauren Luna

Houston Based Pro Artist | Artprenuer | Art Educator | Art Advocate

Lauren Iida

Calligraphy | Live Events | Engraving | Foil Lettering| Instructor

Linda Atrisco

Lettering | Watercolor | Drawing

Lisa Chang

Leterring Artist | Writer

Lois Sparks

Lettering Artist | US | PH

Mandy Hamrick

Lettering Artist | Chalkboards

Margot Griffin

Calligraphy | Engraving | Illustration

Flori Fama

Surface Pattern Designer | Skillshare Teacher | Classes

Mary Beth Sharkey

Artist | Decor| How-To Home

Meaghan Willis

Lettering Artist | Calligrapher

Megan Jordan

Artist | Signs | Chalkboards

Meghan Diehl

Artist | Co-founder | Social Media

Patricia Mowatt

NYC Calligrapher | Engraver | Bottle Painter

Rachel Shanle

Wisconsin Calligrapher | Wedding | Signage

Rachel Custer

Calligrapher | Engraver

Robyn Ferradas

Free-hand Lettering | Wood Art

Saher Beg

Modern Calligrapher | Signage Artist

Salena Salomone

Calligrapher | Signages | Weddings & Events | Instructor 

Sandra Sala

Nostalgic Travel Paintings & Calligraphy

Sarah Bastian

Lettering Artist and Educator | Watercolor Maker

Sarah Hickman

Kid Lit Illustrator | Lettering Artist

Shannon Foster

Handmade Watercolor | Coloring Journals | Artist

Shannon Ho

Sip & Script Calligraphy Instructor

Simone Vieira

Calligrapher | Engraver | Bottle Painter | Art Instructor

Sonja Lee

Artist | Lettering

Stacy Slanker

Calligraphy | Engraving

Stacy Shon

LA Calligrapher | Engraver | Watercolor Artist

Talina Padilla

Artist | Watercolor Enthusiast

Tanya Romanow

Lettering Artist | Procreate Brush Maker

Theresa Gladfelter

Handwritten | Personalized | Wedding Calligraphy | Instructor

Valerie Alicea

Watercolor | Gouache | Acrylic | Lettering | Chalk | Digital Art

Yolanda Olavarrieta

Calligrapher | Custom Designs | Weddings & Events

Yoshiko Dailidenas

 Modern Calligraphy Artist | Content Creator

 Final Recognition

Each of the artist's creative journey is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to have them in ours. With their unique styles and techniques, they bring a diverse range of skills to our community.

We believe that true growth and innovation come from collaboration and the exchange of ideas. That's why we're extending an open invitation to other artists who share our passion for creativity and craftsmanship to join our vibrant community. Your unique perspective and talents will surely enrich our collective journey.

Let's foster an environment where artists can thrive, learn from one another, and push the boundaries of what's possible in visual art.

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