chalkboard wedding sign

The Ultimate DIY Chalkboard Wedding

So you’ve met the partner of your dreams. You’re ready to make it official. You want your special day to be distinctive. You’re looking for something that will set you apart. Here’s a thought: Say, “I do” with chalk! Try out these wedding ideas for the ultimate DIY chalkboard wedding without breaking the ATM.

chalkboard wedding sign

Announce Your Love to the World
Wedding signboards can be conservative or humorous, even zany. Seating assignments don’t have to be on the invitation, table cards or plastered to a wall. This elegant seating arrangement sign hangs beautifully from the ceiling. Write text with liquid chalk markers on a chalkboard, glass, porcelain, plastic, fiberglass, metal or any smooth surface. 

seating arrangement etched on glass



Save on printing costs by enlisting the help of artistic friends, family or students at your local art school to handcraft your menus and invitations. Menus designed with chalk don’t need to be on a black background. For an unconventional menu, you can even use a repurposed mirror!

menu etched on a mirror

Courtesy of Emily Scannell Photography (Kenwood wedding) 

Choose a Theme
The usual practice is to pattern a wedding according to the month, season or other marker of when the wedding will take place. You don’t have to go with the norm, however. Let your theme follow your inclinations, passions ... even leisure activities. Building a wedding around treasured hobbies is becoming increasingly common, which explains why there are couples who hold their ceremonies underwater or hanging from parachutes. One environmentally conscious couple wanted to share their green sentiments with guests, so they filled a wheelbarrow with seeds for the wedding party to plant. Talk about new life springing from a joining of souls!

chalkboard Mr & Mrs chairsSource
Courtesy of ‘LilyandVal’ (Etsy store owned by Valerie McKeehan)

ghost/transparent chairs

The Ceremonial Table
"Mr. & Mrs." signs on chalkboards are cute. If you don’t have a chalkboard, write the words on chalkboard vinyl sheets and stick them on wooden panels or cardboard. Neon liquid chalk markers on light-colored porcelain tile makes for eye-catching signs, or use liquid chalk pens to write on transparent chairs made of fiberglass or plastic.


wedding centerpiece with lantern, flowers and chalkboard bottle

Prettying Up Your Guests’ Tables
This centerpiece features four ordinary elements that combine to make a memorably pretty picture. The bottle is dipped in chalk paint, making it a mini canvas for liquid chalk writing. Find the candles at a dollar store and the lantern at Michael’s. The lantern’s metallic finish is another ideal surface for chalk designs. Complete the centerpiece by surrounding the lantern with your choice of blooms.


flower pot favors 


 metal planter party favor

The Party Favors Are Alive!
These tin pails and chalkboard plant pots with flowers have a double purpose. They make perfect mementos as well as table markers. Use calligraphy to write your message of remembrance on them with liquid chalk for an elegant finish.

framed bar menuSource

Raising the Bar
Categorizing your drinkables is a cinch with tabletop signs. This framed chalkboard menu can be made by either writing on a chalkboard slate and framing it, or slipping chalkboard contact paper inside a store-bought picture frame.

What does it cost to say “I do?” Not much, we hope, thanks to the above ideas—added to your own, of course! Let us know how your wedding party went. Send us photos of your decorations done with liquid chalk. Post your links in the comment box below.


Summary: The ultimate DIY chalkboard wedding for those who want to tie the knot with distinction.