Spring Break Chalkboard Bucket List!

Spring Break Chalkboard Bucket List!

After what seems like an eternity of a chilly season, you can finally step out in the sun and go about your daily routine without a runaround. Not only that, as school year winds down, you can start ticking off your Spring bucket list that's been stuck on the back of your head for months. But of course, without THE list, what's there to tick off, right?

The ultimate Spring Break bucket list is the one you craft personally. For some, they make a list through writing in a journal, while others keep a digital note. But not for Kelly and Jenn. They prefer a more unconventional mode - a chalkboard bucket list!

Who doesn't love the vintage aesthetic of a chalkboard?

Artwork by: @brush_kellygraphy

First off Kelly's list are outdoor fun, perfect for friends and families. These are all must-do activities during the Spring and Easter season.

Jenn's list includes exploring bookstores and markets for fresh flowers, going for a hike, and exploring sidewalk chalk!

Artwork by: @cobblestoneroadlettering

No spring break bucket list would be complete without a touch of color for these two. Kelly and Jenn's vibrant Spring Break chalkboard list presents what could be the most fun and creative way to make a bucket list. Save this Spring chalk board ideas for next year! 

PS: It turns out chalkboard bucket list is also a thing for Fall and Summer!

If you're one of us who go above and beyond our bucket list, we've listed simple steps and tips for you.

Let's begin by exploring how our talented artists created the most vibrant bucket list we've laid our eyes on.


Chalk Marker Magic

What's a chalkboard without a chalk... But have you ever took a shot on a liquid chalk marker?

It's a game changer! The liquid chalk markers are perfect for creating bold and bright designs on your chalkboard. And the best part is, they can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, making it easy to change up your list or design whenever you want without the worries of smudge or ghosting.

Pro tip: Use different colors for each item on your list to make it more visually appealing!

Before diving headfirst into your Spring Break list, make sure to grab a set and shake them well for a finer stroke.

Next up are chalkboards. Yes, with an 's'!

There are various types you can choose from that will suit your preference. If you like it mobile and easy to set up, a table top chalkboard is your buddy.

Meanwhile, a hanging chalkboard is cut out for those who love to decorate their walls. Don't forget to hang it at the perfect height so you can easily write or add on your list.

But if you're more of a traditionalist and prefer the classic black chalkboard look, we've got you covered too. A versatile wood-framed, magnetic chalkboard fills variety of needs and provides space for more exquisite designs.


Personalize It

Make your bucket list even more special by personalizing it. Add photos of your favorite activities or experiences, chalkboard quotes for Spring that inspire you, or even drawings that represent your goals.

This can be an opportunity to practice on your drawing and lettering skills, making your chalkboard both functional and unique.


Exploring Various Uses

Here's a good news - liquid chalk markers are not just limited to traditional chalkboard surfaces – their versatility knows no bounds. You can explore other alternatives such as glass, ceramics, plastic, wood, mirrors, and even windows.

With a little imagination, you can transform your list into something you would actually want to actively participate in. Or not! Hey, there's no pressure in ticking off all the boxes or vice versa. A bucket list is meant to be a fun and exciting reminder of all the awesome possibilities.