Fall Chalkboard Art Bucket List for the Fam Bam

Fall Chalkboard Art Bucket List for the Fam Bam

Wondering about a unique and fun chalkboard art activity for the entire family this fall season? Check out this easy, handcrafted home décor I've created. It didn't take much more than a simple stroke of liquid chalk markers and some DIY diva creativity, but it's one of my cutest fall DIY projects!

Fall Chalkboard Art "Bucket" List

fall bucket list

  • To start, gather up some freezer pop sticks. Get the colored ones if you can to make your art look fun and lively.
  • Next, find yourself an old ice bucket—or you can purchase a cheap one from a thrift store. We will use this as the actual “bucket” for our chalkboard art home décor bucket list. Lastly, get a sheet of chalkboard art labels to label your bucket. Now you are ready to create one of your most fun-filled fall DIY projects yet.
  • Using your liquid chalk markers, write down activities and tasks that you want to do this fall on the freezer pop sticks and place them in the bucket. Use various fall-themed colors to add some style to your chalkboard art bucket list. And don’t forget to get ideas from every member of the family—that’s one trick to get them committed to fall family fun!

  • You can include tasks and activities such as carving a pumpkin, making caramel apples and baking fall cookies, or outdoor fun family activities like going on a hayride and exploring the nearby corn maze.
  • After you’ve completed your chalkboard art home décor bucket list, take your bucket and stick that small piece from your chalkboard art self-adhesive sheets on it. Use your chalk markers to whip up a fancy label. You can also add some reminders to your label that everyone has contributed to this list family activities. I always put “This is a MUST!” It makes my family go crazy, but it is really effective.

Chalkboard art and fall DIY projects are really perfect for keeping your family busy and your home lively this fall season. Not only will each chalkboard art activity be a fun way to bring your family together, but each craft will also serve as a unique home décor that brightens any space. So, grab your liquid chalk markers and start creating more fall DIY projects for you and family to enjoy. Let us know all about it!