Decorate your home with these amazing chalkboard ideas

Decorate your home with these amazing chalkboard ideas

Chalkboard Art

Chalk drawing and chalkboard art have become very popular ways to decorate for big events such as wedding receptions and milestone birthdays for children. DIY chalkboard art can also make attractive accent pieces in your home decor. From the focal point of your home command center to kitchen organization, from home office inspiration to entertaining guests or making a bold design statement, Versachalk's chalk markers are a versatile choice for homemade home decor.

Chalkboard Calendar from Versachalk

Home Command Center

A centrally located home command center is the perfect way to keep your entire family organized and on schedule -- and chalkboard art is a great way to make this area both fun and functional. An oversize chalkboard is the perfect adaptable focal point for your family’s command center. From marking activities with colorful chalk markers to adding hand-drawn illustrations for each month, a chalk calendar can keep you on top of your family’s busy schedule. Chalkboard menu is another way to decorate this organization center -- a smaller version of a restaurant’s daily specials can keep you from constantly asking, “What’s for dinner?”

Pasta bottles labeled with Chalk labels

Kitchen Organization

Maintaining an organized kitchen can be a daily struggle in a busy home; making that organization look good is even more of a challenge. Handwritten chalk labels are a unique way to add both style and order to everything from your pasta and spices to baking essentials and your entire pantry. Whether you design all of your labels in traditional white or go for a more colorful organization style, chalk marker labels let you add your own DIY style to a well-ordered kitchen.

Home office decorated with chalkboard inspired artwork

Home Office Inspiration

Personally designed chalk art can also be an inspirational centerpiece for your home office or desk space. With a small framed chalkboard and chalkboard markers, you can decorate this area with a favorite quote for motivation or encouragement -- which you can easily change up on a regular basis. Set on a desk or hanging on the wall, this DIY artwork can provide daily reminders and inspiration as you go about your everyday tasks.

Chalkboard labels on bottles and cups

Entertaining Guests

When it comes to entertaining friends and family, chalk marker art can add the little extra details that make your hosting unique. Chalkboards make a unique statement as a serving while writing on them allows guests to identify different appetizers or desserts. Chalkboard-style stickers can also make attractive labels for your customized drink concoctions. You can even use chalk markers to design an elaborate, personalized welcome sign or a handcrafted door prize for your next party.

Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Celebrating the Little Things

Chalk art is a great way to celebrate small occasions in life, from national holidays to more personal days like Father’s Day. Just a small chalkboard placed in a prominent location can be a fun way to leave a note that reminds family members how much you care about them. The little things can become memorable moments when celebrated with handmade chalkboard art.

Bold Statements

When you want to go for a truly eye-catching piece in DIY home decor, you can turn an entire wall into your canvas for chalkboard art. Use your chalk markers to make a bold statement in a game room or kid’s playroom with a gaming-inspired design, or create a wall-sized map to track your travels. This large-scale DIY design with your personal touch is sure to get attention and positive comments.

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