VersaChalk Ultimate Chalk Holiday Gift Guide

VersaChalk Ultimate Chalk Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the holiday season and nothing is more exciting than planning the perfect gift for your loved ones. We've got the list for the BEST gifts for the DIY-er in your life.

For the parent in your life…

Self Adhesive Chalkboard Contact Paper

This gift is perfect for anyone tasked with entertaining kids. Chalkboard contact paper can be placed on the floor, on a table, on the wall, on the back of a door, and just about anywhere! Contact paper can be cut to the size they need and the kids will entertain themselves. Cut in small rectangles to create on the go placemats that double as entertainment. Chalkboard Contact Paper is just $12.99 and at 18”x 96”, it will provide hours of fun. Any parent will appreciate this screen-free entertainment.

For the teacher in your life…

Chalkboard Calendar

The Classic Chalkboard Calendar is 24”x 36”, so it is perfect for the classroom. The large squares have enough room to put all the classroom events and since its smudge free and easy to erase, it can be changed daily. Add some colored chalk to include pictures of the weather. The chalkboard calendar can be reused every month for up to 5 years, making one less expense for your teacher at the beginning of the school year. The Chalkboard Calendar is $24.99. Affordable too? Perfect!

For the canning enthusiast…

Erasable Mason Jar Lids

Erasable Mason Jar Lids are a dream come true for anyone on your list that is into food preservation and canning. The Chalkboard surface allows for easy labeling and the plastic backing prevents food from tasting like metal. Mason Jar Lids are also food safe, water resistant, and dishwater and freezer safe. Wow! Because safety is our top priority it even has a food safety button to ensure that your food is safe to eat. Each pack is $8.00 and includes 12 lids. And who knows, maybe you’ll receive some yummy canned food in return.

For the Herbalists in your life…

Slate Garden Plant Markers

Do you know what is the absolute worst when you are gardening? Oh, you don’t? Well let me tell you, planting your herbs and then forgetting where you planted each herb. Yikes! You know what looks surprisingly similar? Parsley and Cilantro. You know what tastes wildly different? Parsley and Cilantro. Ensure that your favorite gardener never forgets their plants location with Slate Garden Plant Markers. Our garden markers are $24.99 and include six slate chalkboard and metal stakes.

For the Pinterest luster in your life…

Starter Kit

We all have that friend (or 20) that pins all of these amazing home décor ideas, but never actually starts them. Maybe they do not know where to start. Our starter kit comes with an 11”x 17” porcelain steel chalkboard and a set of white, fine tip, chalkboard markers. At only $14.99 it is the perfect gift for a starting artist or small business owner. To add a personal touch, print out some chalkboard sign ideas to get them started.

For the creative person in your life…

Gift Card

Do you know who does not like to receive a gift card for the holidays? Literally no one! Gift cards are the gifts for the no-nonsense person. It is the gift that says “I love you enough to let you pick the gift you actually want”. Our gift cards start at just $10.