This Calligrapher Became a Successful Entrepreneur Because of Her Magical Handwriting

This Calligrapher Became a Successful Entrepreneur Because of Her Magi

Not all people are gifted with beautiful handwriting. Even most artists have terrible penmanship. What if one day, someone told you that your handwriting is magical?

This week's Artist Spotlight featured artist, Calligraphy Katrinashares with us her journey to becoming the successful calligrapher-entrepreneur she is today, along with some discoveries she has made along the way.

Can you tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself?

1) I absolutely love my job, and I would not trade it for anything!
2) If I only had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be sushi.
3) I love relaxing with my husband and cats on the weekend. I just need a good book, some music, and I am set!

Can you tell us more about how you became the artist you are today?

I never thought that my handwriting was special until later on in my life. People often ask me where I learned to write, and they are always surprised when I tell them that I never took lessons or classes for calligraphy — I am completely self-taught.
As a child, I was lucky to have been blessed with nice handwriting. After being in the business for 10 years, all those years of addressing envelopes and writing cards have allowed me to refine my handwriting skills. My business started with a close friend asking me to address her wedding envelopes — from there, things just took off!

How did you start doing chalkboard art, and What kind of chalkboard art do you specialize in? i.e. menu boards, etc.

I first started writing on mirrors. I quickly realized it was a big hit with my clients and fans. I thought to myself, what else could I write on? What will stand out against your everyday paper paraphernalia? I thought that chalkboards would be my next best bet. It was amazing how well-received all my board art was. I think I have made just about everything on a chalkboard: a giant seating chart, welcome signs, programs, menus, quotes — you name it! I love incorporating chalkboards into my work because they can be used over and over again.

Apart from liquid chalk markers, what medium do you use in making art?

I use liquid chalk markers, acrylic paint and paint pens, calligraphy ink, monoline pens, fabric pens, and glass paint. There are so many choices! It all depends on the piece I am creating.

What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?

I love the way the ink flows. It's so fluid and easy to use! The color saturation is great as well — the ink really pops against the dark chalkboard background!

What makes good art? How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

I believe that "good art" is hard to define. I may love something that I created, but my client may hate it or vice versa. I think the most important thing to think about is the reaction and emotion that art evokes. Hopefully, it is a positive and happy thought.
I find that art that makes you think is equally great. There are days when I hate my work and think it's terrible. We all have those days. I think when my business really started to take off several years ago, that would be a safe bet to say when I got "good."

Words of advice for up and coming artists?

This may sound cheesy, but I would say to give everything your 100%. And always remember to practice! You may have what some would call natural talent, but you can only become better if you continue to work hard as an artist.


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