The Woman Who Can Chalk on Anything

The Woman Who Can Chalk on Anything

This week's Artist Spotlight features the talented business owner Jennifer Chaparro, whose company is called "Amazing Street Paintings, named after she received that very compliment multiple times on her interactive chalk art.

She started her artistic journey young, spending many hours drawing, sketching and painting. She attributes her success to good ol' fashioned practice, to constantly challenging herself as an artist. and to always having support from her loving family.

We asked her some questions to get to know her better as a person and an artist.

What are three peculiar or interesting facts about yourself?  

Three interesting facts about myself would be:

  1. I coached an adult precision ice skating team in Dayton, Ohio.
  2. I was asked to chalk on the side of a live elephant once.  It didn’t happen, but it was for a political commercial, and I told them I could “chalk on anything!”
  3. I named my business “Amazing Street Painting” because people would come up to my 3D interactive chalk art and say “That’s amazing!”

What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?  

I use all different types of chalk, markers, or paint and I work on many different surfaces. But when I’m lettering for signs, I love using VersaChalk markers because I achieve clean, steady lines with them!

What’s your artistic process like? Are there any routines you stick to stay/get inspired?

I love Pinterest, and I’m constantly looking for ideas online. Then, I use them as jumping off points to design my own work. I also go to museums and art galleries to get inspired!

What makes good art? How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

I think a lot of being a good artist can be learned, and practice makes you better, but you have to have some raw talent to be really good. Good art usually elicits some reaction from the viewer, whether it’s good, bad, surprised, etc.

I started young and spent many, many hours drawing, sketching and painting, but I also continued to try new media and continually work to challenge myself to get better. I was also lucky to have a family that was very supportive of me choosing art as a career. I sold my first painting when I was in high school, but I also worked as a sign painter in high school.

And finally, any words of advice for up and coming artists?

Remember to always keep an open mind and be flexible! You never know where or when you will find your calling or passion. I had never heard of street painting when I was in college, let alone thought I could make a living at it!

Are you an artist or entrepreneur who uses VersaChalk markers for your art or business? We would love to hear and share your story! Use #versachalk in your artwork created with VersaChalk markers for a chance to be featured!