Originality as Virtue in Creating Art

Originality as Virtue in Creating Art

Love and a passion for the arts and all things creative are not just what inspire this week's Artist Spotlight featured artist, Michelle Hickey—they are the basis of her entire career! In this social media age, where art ideas and inspiration can be found in a single click, Michelle has stayed true to her own signature style. As a result, her originality is as highly valued as her work ethic.

So let's get to know more about this very talented lady from the Sunshine State and find out how she was able to establish her own artistic process and become the artist she is today.   

What are three interesting facts about yourself?

Hi! I'm a graphic designer + blogger who helps fellow creatives in growing online businesses. Here are some interesting random facts about me:

1. I have a major sweet tooth. If there’s a cupcake, donut, or cookie shop nearby, I will find it.

2. I love the 1940s + 1950s and wish I'd had the chance to live during that era.

3. Being a graphic designer is my dream job, but my runner-up would be being a tv writer.

What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?

I know where my talents lie—and that I’m not the best when it comes to hand-lettering or drawing freehand. So I dug into one of the designs I had already created from my Enchanting Mondays Library and used it as a guide.

I love all things color, so Versachalk made it easy to bring the design to life on a chalkboard!

What’s your artistic process like? Are there any routines you stick to in order to stay/get inspired?

I start each project with brainstorming and gathering inspiration. Rather than go on Pinterest and search, only to see what others have already created, I try to think in terms of theme, rather than project name.

I research colors and gather images that help set the mood, ending with my favorite step: choosing the perfect font. 

What makes good art? How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly hard to create work that’s truly original. It’s okay to be inspired by what’s been done before, as long as you are approaching it from a new angle.

Good art is full of thought, purpose, and meaning. I don’t believe you can get “good” at art. Art is a journey. You may go through phases where you’ll experiment with new mediums, and it might take you awhile to get the hang of a new tool, but every piece, even those created during a “learning” period, have their own, beautiful characteristics. 

Words of advice for up-and-coming artists? 

Your individuality and every unique thing about you are what will make your artwork (and brand) amazing. Instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing, focus own your style, and share it boldly. 


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