Artist Spotlight: Lisa Lorek - Addicted to Art

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Lorek - Addicted to Art

Just like an average girl, Lisa was into Disney movies. But more than the beautiful princesses, the story, and the magic, here first Disney movie inspired her to become an artist as a young girl. Since then, she became simply addicted to art.

Let's get a glimpse of the artistic journey of our featured chalk artist this week, Lisa Lorek.   

Can you tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself?

First, I don't have a middle name.  Second, In high school and college (8 years), I ate chocolate chip waffles for breakfast every morning. And the last interesting thing about me is my obsessions outside of lettering are tiki bars  & drinks.

chalkboard art

Can you tell us more about how you became the artist you are today?

Eagerness to keep learning and an addiction to drawing. Ever since seeing my first Disney movie, I’ve wanted to be an artist.

How did you start doing chalkboard art? What kind of chalkboard art do you specialize in? 

There's a public chalkboard wall right by where I work full time, and I started doing my own murals there and eventually attracted clients by posting my work on Instagram! I do murals, menus, wedding signage and more!

lisa lorek

Apart from liquid chalk markers, what media do you use in making art?

Paint, paint markers, pens, pencils, and the Apple pencil!

What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?

I've recently been obsessed with Art Nouveau! My favorite piece I did with Versachalk equipment was a welcome sign for my wedding last month. I used inspiration all from the 1900s-1920s.

lisa lorek

What makes good art? How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

I've been lettering outside of a full-time job for 5 years now. Putting in the hours, with the drive to keep getting better, has taught me everything I know. Reaching out to artists and teaching workshops have helped with the technical stuff, like how to improve my process, where to get inspiration from outside of Instagram and Pinterest, and what tools to use. Staying on top of "trends" has helped, too! Looking back at my work from 2-3 years ago, it starts to feel a little dated already.

Words of advice for up-and-coming artists?

If you see the artwork you like, reach out to the artist! Learn from someone who has been doing this longer than you, because they've already lived through some failures and can save you time by giving you tips! Set big goals!

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