Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal


This vinyl sticker roll has a variety of uses for the everyday crafter and is incredibly flexible in its application. The vinyl sticker roll can be used for wall decals, decorating various items ,and even organization within the home. Because of this, the chalkboard vinyl roll is a great addition to any crafter's collection! In particular, this chalkboard vinyl roll is extraordinarily convenient to use. To assure a proper application when using the chalkboard vinyl roll, it is important to note that the surface in which it is being applied to should be clean and smooth. Once placed, it can be quite easily removed. Despite this, it will still maintain its hold when needed. You can also remain confident that wherever you apply it, it will not damage the surface to which it was applied. The vinyl sticker roll can even be removed up to several months after its application.

2 ft x 164 ft - UPC: 811814030349
4 ft x 164 ft - UPC: 811814030356