Frameless Acrylic Hanging Chalkboard


Mini chalkboards are a must when it comes to functional, modern décor. Mini chalkboards can be used a variety of different ways. For instance, mini chalkboards can be used as signage, to write down a quick reminder, or even for a daily doodle. This chalkboard features a convenient double-sided design so that there is more space to write down the important things in life. For your hanging convenience, it also includes double-sided mounting tape. We also recommend that this chalkboard be paired with our VersaChalk chalk markers for the ultimate chalkboard experience. Cleaning the chalkboard is a breeze! All you need is a damp cloth or paper towel. With the proper care, this chalkboard will last a lifetime, but it is only intended for indoor use.

8"x12" - UPC: 089902974022
11"x16.5" - UPC: 089902974039