Round Chalkboard Mason Jar Labels (Wide - 2.5")


With chalkboard mason jars, you can leave a unique note to a friend or simply stay organized! Mason jars with chalk labels are the perfect way to add a special touch to any gift that requires labels for jars. Regular mason jar labels can sometimes pose as an inconvenience, but with these mason jar labels, that isn't the case! These mason jar labels are waterproof! The chalkboard mason jars can even be used in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and the freezer. Not to mention, these mason jars with chalk labels are also free of BPA. With a selection of 2.0" or 2.5" in diameter, each pack has six sheets of labels for jars. Each sheet includes twelve labels for your jars. Along with the mason jar lid labels, we will include a free chalk marker for your writing convenience in order to get you stared creating the mason jars with chalk labels right away! To remove the chalk, all you need is a damp cloth or paper towel. However, the mason jar lid labels can be reused as needed. Say so long to regular mason jar lid labels and hello to chalkboard mason jars!