• The Other Room


    So grateful there's Versachalk! Their chalkboards and chalk markers have been the perfect tool to add that extra aesthetic effect to our cafe. Our glass window proudly displays a typography art made using Versachalk, and is attracting more and more customers in. Their non-ghosting chalkboards definitely helps us change our chalkboard art hassle-free.

    IG: theotherroom.ph

  • The Old Spaghetti House


    We were first introduced to VersaChalk by a friend, and we've loved working with their products ever since. Their liquid chalk markers are heaven-sent and doesn't ruin our chalkboards! Finally, a hassle-free way of updating our menu boards.

    Another product of theirs that we absolutely love are the A-frame porcelain chalkboards! They are definitely big enough to catch the attention of passersby outside our restaurant. It's a plus that VersaChalk markers, and even traditional chalk, effortlessly glides over the metallic surface.

    Updating the menu boards has ceased being a chore and has become an enjoyable task with the range of colors that VersaChalk offers.

    Website: https://www.theoldspaghettihouse.com/ 

  • Gray O.


    Versachalk is my go-to chalk markers for any lettering project. I love how it allows me to create crisp lines and easily maintain a polished look. Greatest thing is that I don't have to worry about hours of work getting accidentally smudged.

    The chalkboards from VersaChalk have such high-quality as well. I never had issues with the surface absorbing the ink. I've definitely noticed that they continually improve their products!

    IG: yellowitsgray