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We all love stories that tug at the heartstrings. This Valentine’s Day, we at Versachalk recall true-to-life tales of love and sacrifice when couples showed each other gestures that transformed their lives. Check out how our designers illustrate these with chalk.


John and partner

John and Partner
John’s partner is not used to doing household chores. Despite this, she spent a lot of time and effort learning how to cook for him. What he appreciates most is that she does this everyday for him without fail. Little things mean a lot. In a relationship, daily activities sometimes get lost in the drudgery of life. Learning to recognize what a lot of people take for granted, however, offers its own rewards.


Gray and Partner

Gray and Partner
One night, Gray and her boyfriend had a conversation about dating transgenders. She asked him if he was willing to date a transgender who had already undergone gender reassignment surgery and is officially ‘female’ on paper. Like any straight guy, he answered no, because he felt that that would make him gay or bisexual.

Gray assured him that technically, he would still be dating a woman, so this will not change his sexual preference. The night went on with the two debating back and forth on the topic until Gray posed another question: “What if I were a transgender? Would you still want to date me?” The next morning, she found a letter on his desk. It said: “If you were a tiger, a stone, or a transgender, I’m fine with it. I don’t want to lose you and even if you make some radical change outside, you are and always will be mi chica favorita.” 


Nori and Jasper

Nori and Jasper
Nori is the high-powered type, while her partner, Jasper, is more chilled out. Their contrasting personalities provided an interesting backdrop for bickering. You can imagine how much they fought. Back then, Nori would push him away (either physically or verbally) when things became very, very frustrating. But he never gave up on her. Her most treasured memories were those times when he kept hugging her even when she was really annoyed. She would push him away, but he would hold on, never saying anything until she calmed down. 

These days, Nori and Jasper rarely fight. They laugh and smile almost everyday. They are now going on eight years. Thanks to those trying moments when Jasper silently held Nori and never let go.


Britney and Sammy

Britney and Sammy
This couple has been together for 15 years now, but every Valentine’s Day, Britney remembers the year Sammy showed her such a wonderful gesture, she will cherish it the rest of her life. 

Britney fell and hurt her ankle at work. She was in so much pain that it was clear she had to go to the hospital. No way would she wait for an ambulance! Her colleagues couldn’t figure out how to transport her to the car without her screaming. Sammy rushed to her office and, without even thinking, placed her gently on an office chair with wheels, and carted her off to the parking lot.

Later, at the hospital, after having placed a cast on her entire lower leg, the doctor gave her crutches to use. Britney, however, had tremendous difficulty using the crutches, because she did not have much upper arm strength. Now the problem was how to get her from the car into her house. Without hesitation, Sammy swept her off her feet and began carrying her like a groom would carry his bride over the threshold. But Britney started exclaiming in pain. They had to change position! So with his quick thinking, Sammy instead hoisted her over his shoulders with her legs dangling in front of him and her arms hanging behind his back. She stopped crying immediately. It wasn’t the most romantic way to carry a loved one, but what counted was the thought behind it... and it was effective in getting her home! 


Meg and Phil

Meg and Phil
Meg had a gorgeous mane of blazing red hair. It was the first thing that attracted Phil to her. Phil, much older than Meg, was proud of the fact that he is one of a few men in his age group who still have a full head of hair. 

One day, Meg was diagnosed with cancer. After several bouts with chemotherapy, she lost all her hair. She was devastated. Phil, however, did not want her to feel worse than she did. So one day, after coming home from work, he showed up with a ridiculous hat, which made Meg laugh out loud. But that was not the surprise. With a flourish, he took the hat off. Voila, a new Phil was reborn! He had all his hair shaved off, so he could demonstrate solidarity with Meg.

At present, Meg’s cancer is in remission and her hair has grown back. Phil, however, has enjoyed his new ’do so much that he kept it. (People kept telling him how youthful he looked.)

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