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Shark Week is officially under way and that means it is time for us nature-lovin’ folks to give homage to the most misunderstood creature of the sea. It’s time to color the seas with awesome chalkboard art and show some love! Of course, that also means taking out my go-to DIY materials and these are none other than, chalkboards and liquid chalk markers! And guess what, the whole household seem too excited for this project!

Showin’ Some Shark Week Love Chalkboard Art

My family just loves the great outdoors and we are always in tune with nature, we especially love the ocean. While the kids are watching documentary after documentary about the Great Whites and even Megaladon, the adults debate whether the mythical giant sharks are even real. My creative juices start flowing.

I wanted to create a piece of art for the family that captured the essence of the week in a humorous way. And I had just the thing in mind!

Take A "Shark" Bite Out Of Liquid Chalk Markers:

shark week chalkboard art

  1. I got just the perfect statement for a Shark Week poster. I want to portray sharks as a gentle creature, since they are often misunderstood. I decided to play off of a popular quote and add a little bit of a spin: “I’m a lover, not a biter.”
  2. So, I grabbed a few sheets of vinyl paper and my liquid chalk markers.

This teaches the kids that sharks aren't all vicious, and they need some love too. And, the adults love the pun.

  1. Ready to draw? Pick up your liquid chalk marker and draw the outline of a shark. You can use gray, white or blue markers in this case. It works perfectly well against the black vinyl sheet and is the closest colors to sharks. Don’t forget to draw in the jagged teeth!
  2. You can choose to draw your statement outside the outline of the shark. I prefer to write mine inside the shark itself. Use different colors to make your chalkboard art stand out.
  3. How about adding other designs on the side like squiggly blue lines for waves and life buoys? Make your poster pop!

This is a fun chalkboard art activity for everyone to enjoy. So take an artful “bite” out of using liquid chalk markers now and have a little fun during Shark Week!


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