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It’s almost back to school time and that means a ton of school supplies scattered all over your space. But, this is a great opportunity for DIY projects and of course, some chalkboard art!

Preparations for going back to school can be overwhelming. However, it is always best to be ready for the clutter that is about to come your way. One thing I have personally encountered (but not really complained about) is having too many pens, and of course, liquid chalk markers! I just have too many to count and I use them all!

Don't you want to enjoy an organized desk or working space with all your school supplies in the right places. You no longer need to rummage through a pile of pens to find that one single marker with this DIY project! 

It's time to get organized! 

Chalkboard Art On Chalkboard Labels

What are the things you need for this DIY project?

Grab some drinking glasses. These can be old glasses you never use or your favorite glasses you prefer to display than keep in the cabinet. I always try to recycle something so I can avoid purchasing something new. In my case, I have extra glasses at home that have never been used.

You also need chalkboard labels. These are perfect because they come in different vintage shapes, as well as, different sizes. Plus, they are very durable and hold strong even when washed, and is easy to remove and reposition.

Aside from organizing pens and markers, these labels are great for notebooks and folders too! In this case, I use contact paper. What’s great about the contact paper that I use is that there is no need for a ruler. It has grid lines on the backing help you cut straight lines with ease.

And of course, liquid chalk markers!

Ready to Label?

  • First, you need to categorize your school supplies. I already have mine sorted out. From highlighters to markers, I sorted out the fine tip markers from the bold tip markers. I also made a special one for black markers.
  • When you are ready to label your glasses or bottles, first write on the labels before sticking them on the glasses and label them with liquid chalkboard markers. The color you want to use is your choice then stick them on as you please!

  • Moving on to labeling your books and file folders, position the contact paper on the surface of the school supplies you want to label and cut! This is one chalkboard art that I love to do because I can get creative with naming my school supplies. For instance, using different colored markers, I label my History book, “I Make History, Now!”

Feel free to get creative and colorful with your labels. And do not worry if you positioned your label wrong. You can easily peel them off easily, with no fuss! Plus, these chalkboard labels are BPA-free, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe!

Now you can definitely do more organizational DIY projects in your favorite spaces. Consider your bathroom essentials and pantry items in the kitchen.

Isn’t it time to declutter your working space? Organize your school supplies with liquid chalk markers and chalkboard labels now and enjoy your back to school days with less mess.


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