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Motivational quotes can offer strength, drive, and inspiration. There are different forms and subjects of quotes out there but when it comes to creativity, I find that it is often a struggle. There are days when even the DIY diva in me would not dare to come out. And this is typical. After all, we are only human and we all often struggle for inspiration. 

For some people, motivational and inspirational quotes can do the trick. And quotes on chalkboards look amazing anywhere. 

How Can I Get Inspired?

Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

It starts with looking into yourself and understand what drives you. Personally, sometimes I need that extra nudge and chalkboard art is always there to back me up!

With liquid chalk markers on hand and an empty chalk board in front of me, I am ready to write my worries away. The quote “Creativity Takes Courage” is one of my favorites and help me get through some rough days.

I often wonder how can such a simple quote inspire me so much. I started out with a white liquid chalk marker on a black chalkboard. Day after day, I continue to look at the board and challenged myself to add more color to it. Little by little, I became more and more motivated to get creative once again!

You Just Got To Believe

Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

You can do the same! When you are feeling down, try playing around with some liquid chalk markers, they may just help you get through your creative rut. Just believe in yourself. That sounds like a great motivational quote too, don’t you think?

The opportunities for chalkboard quotes are endless. Pretty soon, your creative eye will start opening up when you start looking for ideas and find solutions.

Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

Make sure you put your chalkboard quote somewhere that can be frequently seen. For example, that coffee table in the middle of the living room can be a great place to start. You can use vinyl sheets as your base. Whenever you have your morning or afternoon coffee, you will always be reminded to believe in yourself because of that motivational quote in front of you. And pretty soon, you will pick up your DIY tools of the trade and get started on being the creative that you are meant to be.

Creativity is meant for everybody. Who said arts and crafts are for kids only? Here is one quote that some creatives live by. “The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived” by Ursula K. LeGuin. If you know someone who is feeling down in the dumps, you can also send him or her chalkboard quotes as a pick-me-upper.


I find that chalkboard quotes are personal great reminders and awesome gifts for friends and family members, too. Liquid chalk markers are not just for drawing and coloring alone. They can be tools for inspiration and motivation to push further and do better!

Try making chalkboard quotes and chalkboard art today with liquid chalk markers, and push your creativity to greater heights!


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