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I love weddings and I loved it, even more, when I saw liquid chalk markers being used! And how I wish I used them when I had my wedding back then. Weddings nowadays are getting more creative. Today, we are seeing weddings getting more inventive and personalized in social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. There are different styles that incorporate the bride and groom’s personalities as well as their fun side! And being inventive does not always mean spending a lot and doing a lot of work. Which is why, as a DIY fanatic, I found myself drawn to a chalkboard wedding theme, and what came to my mind is a Chalkboard Wedding Photo Booth!

A Chalkboard Wedding Photo Booth Features A Personalized Touch

chalkboard wedding photobooth

Back then, couple’s names and signs would need to have professionals create them. They would need to go to a print shop to have something done and that would cost a lot of money, too! Now, weddings are getting simpler and much easier. And most of them are budget-friendly. One example is a chalkboard wedding theme. This is a great opportunity for the couples to showcase their color and style - without the difficulty of hiring a professional!

If you’re planning on having a chalkboard wedding, you can use liquid chalk markers to write down various texts. For example, you can go for a chalkboard wedding photo booth!

Chalkboard Polaroid Wedding Photobooth

All you need is a cardboard cutout of a Polaroid picture’s borders, for example. Make sure it can fit a group of two to five people inside the square. That white square is such a novel idea that everyone in the event would surely know it’s an Instagram opportunity.

chalkboard wedding photobooth

Writing Using Chalkboard Markers

To mark the occasion, the couple’s names can be written down at the bottom part of the Polaroid cardboard with the date included. What’s great about it is that it is not even a hassle to do. That is because you can use liquid chalk markers to write the text however you want it and in different colors. If you are going for an elegant style, writing in cursive is a good start. Plus, if you make a mistake, there is always a chance to correct it.

Design Anything And Everything With Liquid Chalk Markers

Don’t stop there, though! If you think the white borders of the chalkboard wedding photo booth need more color and style, you have the freedom to do so. Using liquid chalk markers also means that you can write on a lot of surfaces. Aside from cardboard, you can also use natural and light-weight wood. Another great idea is having your friends and guests write or draw on the borders.

Chalkboard Graffiti Wall

chalkboard wedding photobooth

Another awesome way to use your liquid chalk markers with? Go for something like a chalkboard wedding graffiti wall as a photo booth background!  It does not only show the couple having a creative side. It also encourages the guests to leave heart-warming and thoughtful messages for the couple.


What better way than to save money and show your inventive side with a chalkboard wedding theme using liquid chalk markers? You can never go wrong with them and are easy on the budget - which means more spending money for your honeymoon! So start creating your own chalkboard wedding photo booth for your special day.



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