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Food is a culture everyone understands. It is a universal language where everybody acknowledges the importance of a good meal and valuable conversation. Which is why casual dining restaurants everywhere are always inventing and updating their menus. This is also one idea where I found chalkboard menus to be helpful. Since food is a conversation starter, it should start with a colorful and informative menu. And what better way to write a menu than with handy liquid chalk markers?

chalkboard menu for casual dining restaurants

Chalkboard Menus Versus Print Out Menus

 It is no secret that a lot of restaurants use local produce. They especially utilize what is in season and what is fresh and available. This gives the chefs the flexibility to choose the menu for the day.  

So imagine the chefs after buying the ingredients from the market and finding out what they would cook for the day. Chefs would just need to write their courses on chalkboard menus using liquid chalk markers. It is simple and easy to do! Using different colored markers, they can emphasize that today’s special is a local produce and a fresh catch. 

It would take too much of their time and resources to print the menu daily. That would be a waste of paper. It makes much more sense to have a number of chalkboards ready. Some restaurants already equip each of their tables with a chalkboard menu and would just need to write on them using colorful liquid chalk markers. And if a certain course is already unavailable, all you need is a red (or any color you want) chalkboard menu marker to cross out the food on the board.

Specialized Chalkboard Menus For Special Guests Chalkboard Menus Are A Must-Have For Casual Dining Restaurants

I have seen cooking shows and reality TV shows where couples or VIPs would be led to a special table and offered a special menu. This is such a great idea for special guests. Casual dining restaurants would often cater to such occasions. What better way to show off the special courses than to display it on a chalkboard menu using colorful liquid chalk markers?

Use Chalkboard Menus As A Visual Chalkboard Menus Are A Must-Have For Casual Dining Restaurants

You’ve seen restaurants offer a paper menu with pictures on them. You can also use liquid chalk markers to draw on the chalkboard menu! It is a great way to show customers a visual of the food.

And sometimes, this is also a romantic way to propose. Most restaurants are keen to help with wedding proposals as long as they are informed ahead of time. 

Imagine thinking being offered a menu for the next course. Instead, you are getting a surprise from your partner with a drawing of a wedding ring and a proposal. 

Chalkboard Menus Are A Must-Have For Casual Dining Restaurants

Food isn’t the only thing that needs to be read on a menu. Casual dining restaurants offer a very relaxed atmosphere and most of the time they offer wine. In the same manner, as showing the special courses for the day, a chalkboard menu can also be used to showcase the wine of the region. You can get creative and draw a bottle of wine, some grapes or some bubbles on your board.

Wine isn’t the only thing that can be served in a casual dining restaurant. Customers would no longer need to ask the bartender what drink is available for tonight. A chalkboard menu can simply showcase what kind of draft beer is available. It is also a great way to announce if there are any new drinks at the bar.

Aren’t chalkboard menu for restaurants always a great idea? It is easy on the budget and draws customers in with the creative drawings and surprise courses. So create one now and add that flair of creativity in your own business!  



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