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Easter egg surprises had been a traditional household activity across the globe. Not only do kids enjoy finding these cute little treasures, but making them is even what kids, and adults alike, take pleasure in doing. I would love to share with you superb DIY ideas which are not only fun to do but are useful and practical. For this Lenten season, we bring you ideas on creating DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs. You only need your imaginative mind, crafty hands, and of course, your liquid chalk markers to bring out the best in this project.

A Quick and Thrifty DIY Project

DIY chalkboard easter egg

The best thing about this project is that, everyone can do it! DIY projects serve as venue for kids to improve and develop their creativity. Let their creative juices let loose. For young at hearts trying to find a new hobby, DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg projects can be a practical and fun project to do on a lazy Sunday. Instead of spending the day sitting in the same old chair, or hours on social media, grab your arts and craft tools and get those hands working.

If you are an artist, or an arts and crafts enthusiast thirsty for something new, this can be the project you can get inspiration from to create something more unique and sophisticated. Even professionals look for something fresh to offer the market can take advantage of the trend set by DIY projects.

How to Make DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg

To make your DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg, you only need the following:

  • Liquid chalk markers
  • Hard-boiled eggs (If you want to use an actual egg)
  • Wooden, plastic, acrylic or paper mache eggs

Once you have everything handy, the fun begins! You can draw any design, shapes or even words on your Easter egg. Choose the color according to your mood and get rocking! Not satisfied with your work? With liquid chalk markers you can erase the design using a wet cloth and start again. It is that easy!

Chalkboard Easter Egg Home Decor

DIY chalkboard easter egg

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs can also serve as rustic decorative pieces at home. Get that crafty hands working and try making DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs table centerpieces for your dining or living room table to add some quirks to your personal touch. These are fun, colorful, and cheap ways to get rid of those overrated flower pieces.

You can also try DIY Easter Egg bedroom hanging décors. Replace those old hanging decors with your DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs. You can put encouraging and inspirational words or phrases like “You Rock!” or “Stay Awesome!” to start your day with a positive vibe. If you think your window pane is boring, try to spice it up using your DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs. Versatile and trendy, the ideas are limitless!

Chalkboard Easter Eggs Are Not Just for Easter

DIY chalkboard easter egg

Easter’s over? No worries! You can decorate your DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs in many and different ways all throughout the year.

  • Why not make fireworks inspired Easter eggs to welcome the New Year?  
  • Running out of Valentine ideas for your loved ones? Try a heart-themed inspired DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg. Put them in a cute little basket, throw some rose petals and your loved-one’s Valentine will surely be complete!
  • Creating a small DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs “work booth” counter for children is also a fool- proof way to keep them busy and excited during birthday celebrations. They will not only enjoy doodling these colorful Easter Eggs, but doing it together and just having fun will surely make the occasion memorable.

DIY projects are becoming a hit not only because it’s economical but most importantly, it brings out your personality in every craft you make. Instead of hitting the store and buying gifts for special occasions, try to make DIY projects. Surely, your personal touch and efforts will be much appreciated and this will make your gift not only unique, but definitely treasured.

Start your DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg project today, and share your experience with us in the comments below!


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