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Finding it hard to find the right gift for dear old dad this Father’s Day? Sometimes the best gifts come from the things he always uses. My dad likes to drink cold beer in a mug and this sends my DIY senses into hyperdrive because it means I can use liquid chalk markers in this special Father’s Day chalkboard project!

It is so simple to create that even the kids can do it! However, just be prepared if they ask about what’s being poured into it. Remember, alcohol is not for minors.

Super Cool DIY Chalkboard "Best Dad" Beer Mug Father's Day Gift

  1. To get your DIY Best Dad Chalkboard Beer Mug project started, all you need is a clear glass beer mug.

You can purchase one at a dollar store but I already have a bunch of beer mugs at home that can be repurposed.

  1. Get a piece of clean white paper and draw out the lettering on the sheet.

DIY Chalkboard Best Dad Beer Mug

In this case, I am thinking “Super Dad.” But you may have better ideas that would work! You can use your imagination and draw other designs on the white sheet of paper. Something that describes dad and his passion, for example. My dad likes to tinker with electronics, so drawing circuits is pretty cool!

  1. Once done, you can put the sheet inside the beer mug and position it in a way that the drawing can be seen on the outside. Make sure it doesn’t move around. Using a small piece of tape can help.

DIY Chalkboard Best Dad Beer Mug

  1. Grab your liquid chalkboard markers in dad’s favorite colors and fill in the design pattern or lettering on the surface of the mug. Make sure to fill in every space.
  2. Remove the sheet of paper and the small piece of tape from the inside of the mug and you’re done!

It is really that simple! Sometimes dad needs something personalized for Father’s Day. Something that reminds him that he is loved and that he is the greatest dad in the world! And sometimes he’s surprised at how imaginative his kids can be using liquid chalkboard markers. Try it now for Father’s Day!




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