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Tired of the same old boring white notepad list you have on the table? Sometimes the key to inspiring one’s self to work hard can also come from the little things around you. Which is why liquid chalk markers and chalkboards can be a handy inspirational tool!

For me, summer means a lot of things to do. We have road trips, summer vacations and fun activities to do! And that means I have a lot of things lined up before we actually get to those! Think of the food we need to pack before the trip, the number of the resort or the things we need to bring. Even summer goals we need to fulfill before getting back to the daily grind!

And if you have written all those things down on a piece of paper, chances are it may get lost.

Now, that’s a bummer. Which is why the DIY diva in me would always think of multi-functional ways. How do I make sure I get things done and at the same time be inspired to do so?

It’s simple! Creating a chalkboard summer bucket list is the next best thing.

DIY Chalkboard Summer Bucket List

DIY chalkboard bucket list

  • But first, you need materials. What works best for me is to see a hanging chalkboard on the wall when I wake up. I can easily spot my chalkboard summer bucket list and get going early in the morning. It gives me that extra boost of energy knowing that I’ve got summer plans to be fulfilled. You can use different colored chalkboard markers, too.
  • It is both decorative and functional in my bedroom! Bucket lists aren’t the only thing you can write on the chalkboard. You can also write your goals for the summer or your bucket list. One of my goals this summer is to buy that adorable bikini I saw at the corner shop and to cliff dive. To make sure I remember, I drew a bikini beside the note using pink and white liquid chalk markers for a polka-dotted swimwear.
  •  Make the chalkboard stand out by drawing borders around it. Having trouble drawing the design? Ask yourself what summer means to you. For me, summer means the sun. I am also inspired by flowers. So I drew tiny little sunflowers around mine. It looks like chalk art from a distance!
  • I also use different colored liquid chalk markers on my summer bucket list. For example, the red ones are things that I need to do that are immediate while other colors are to be done at a later date.
  • If you’re not into making lists, creating a calendar can work too! I actually have a summer calendar on my desk. Get creative with your bucket list by drawing on each square. This Saturday, I marked my calendar with a surfboard. I’m going to the beach this weekend with the whole gang!

Just having a bucket list that I can get creative with can be an inspirational wonder. Deviate from the usual old notepad on your desk or white A4 paper on your fridge. Create your summer bucket list using liquid chalk markers today!


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