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Summer is here and that means the yellow, warm sun and the heat! Don’t forget about the colors popping, too. And when it comes to colors, liquid chalk markers can brighten up the day, any day! So, let's welcome summer with chalkboard summer quotes!

Summer is the warmest season of the year. It is also the time for a lot of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend the day indoors most of the time because of work or other activities. However, summer shouldn’t only be celebrated outdoors. We can get a glimpse of summer indoors, too. This can be done by making your own chalkboard summer quotes. All you need are liquid chalk markers and a colorful imagination!

Chalkboard Summer Quotes to Brighten Up Any Day

chalkboard summer quotes

I like to make sure that the places I always frequent would remind me of the season. The office, the living room, and even the kitchen can have these reminders. How can summer be celebrated indoors? Feel the summer and celebrate the sun by hanging chalkboard summer quote signs. You can choose quotes that are fun and lively!

chalkboard summer quotes

  • You can use a hanging chalkboard, chalkboard paper or a chalkboard wooden frame for your chalkboard summer quotes. This will serve as your base board.
  • Green, yellow and blue are the usual summer colors because of the sun, sea and palm trees. But you can use any color from your liquid chalk markers set. Make it pop!

chalkboard summer quotes

  • Using your chosen liquid chalk markers, you can write your chalkboard summer quote in different colors. A simple phrase like “Sweet Summer” can liven up that corner of your table. For a garden theme, try a yellow liquid chalk marker and can mimic the feel of sunflowers.
  • A great quote would be “Sunflower Children” on the board. Instead of searching for quotes online, you can also create and write your own personal chalkboard summer quote.

chalkboard summer quotes

  • Add your own touch of sunflowers around it, too. You can add any design around your quote. If summer reminds you of the beach, you can pick up a blue liquid chalk marker and draw the waves, a surfboard, the palm trees and even the sun wearing cool sunglasses. The sky is the limit!
  • Lastly, find that perfect spot in your area to place your chalkboard summer quote.

The Whole Family Can Join The Summer Chalkboard Fun

chalkboard summer quotes

The whole family can have their own summer chalkboard quote. Even the kids in my family have their own version of chalk art summer boards. They have drawn the sun and have written a number in the middle of it. Every day they would change the number. Counting down, it signifies the number of days until they officially go on summer vacation and beneath it is a quote that reads “Summer is coming!”

The possibilities of using liquid chalk markers for summer is endless. Summer should not only be celebrated outdoors. Your indoor space can have that summer feel, too. Try it today and see how colorful your space can be!


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