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 Let customers be inspired by more than just the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Turn your café into a vintage nook with a simple touch of a DIY chalkboard menu for your cafe.

chalkboard menu for cafe

Chalkboards give any space that comfortable feel that customers look for when they want to enjoy a cup of tea while savoring a piece of a pie. They also transform a traditional-looking space into an art gallery. And you can achieve all these without breaking a sweat and without spending thousands of dollars. As every chalkboard enthusiasts know it, DIY chalkboard projects are easy to make and light on the budget.

Here some ideas on how you can transform your space by creating these DIY chalkboard menus. See how they can help drive sales in your café and at the same time make your customers feel as if they haven’t left the comforts of their home as they enjoy your lovely cup of coffee and tea.

Chalkboard Counter Menus Are a Beauty

chalkboard menu for cafe

This is the most common chalkboard menu project that cafes build in their shops. It usually comes in big sizes and is placed behind the counter to allow people to see the menu as they order at the counter. You can create this gigantic chalkboard menu by using chalkboard vinyl sheets or contact paper. After you peel off the chalkboard sheets, they can easily stick on any non-porous surfaces. Then, use liquid chalk markers and start creating your menu.

Additional tip, place pin lights on your chalkboard menu, they would greatly compliment the effects of liquid chalk markers on your menu board.

Hanging Chalkboard Menu

chalkboard menu for cafe

Instead of spending too much on paintings or any expensive designs to hang on your café’s wall, why not create a hanging chalkboard menu? You can conveniently hang it anywhere in your café, then use liquid chalk markers and write your menu on it. You can also draw small coffee cups on it that would show the different coffee flavors you offer.

Folding Chalkboard Tabletop Menu

Let your customers know about the pie of the day right after they take their seat. Attach two framed chalkboards and place it on top of the coffee table in an angle that will allow it to stand. You can draw your special offers on it or simply write it on the chalkboard tabletop menu. 

You can easily make all these DIY chalkboard menus for cafes by using chalkboard vinyl sheets or contact paper. And better be sure that you use liquid chalk markers to get a brighter and a much distinctive effect on your designs.


So, get yourself ready, start your DIY chalkboard menu today and see how you can drive sales with these budget-friendly and easy to make chalkboard projects!




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