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There has been a significant increase in demand for specialty coffee shops and themed- cafés in the recent years that is why coffee shops or cafés are becoming the most in- demand go- to places today. After all, a café is a place where you can create memories: a cozy place to catch up with friends over a cup of frappe, a comfortable chair and a whiff of sweet roasted coffee aroma after a hard day’s work, and free wifi for students and entrepreneurs.

Putting up a café as a business can be challenging these days since various types of cafés have popped up in almost every corner. From specialty cafés that offer their own signature brew and blends, to outrageous themed cafés like a rainbow unicorn themed one.-- it’s definitely hard to convince people to go to yours!

Themed- Café Chalkboard Art Ideas

cafe chalkboard art

So if having a café for a business crosses your mind, you will need to step up your game and make it stand out. Why not spruce up your café concept business with liquid chalk art? or come up with a chalkboard art- themed café? Commercial and professional- looking chalkboard art, signages and typography are absolutely achievable by anyone who has an artsy imagination and skilled hands. These projects have been made easy nowadays with the use of liquid chalk markers.


Here are some DIY liquid chalk art ideas you can do with a themed- café setting:

cafe chalkboard art

1. You can put chalkboard sticker labels to your condiments for a fun and quirky touch.


cafe chalkboard art

2. Create an eye- catching menu or doodle board that makes a bold statement of the character of the place by using liquid chalk markers.


cafe chalkboard art

3. If you are going for a shabby chic vibe for your café, chalkboard signages with colorful floral borders and fancy typography completes that classic chic, vintage look.


cafe chalkboard art

4. You can aim for a rustic, modern- industrial look by using the classic white liquid chalk marker on your menu or poster boards, and chalkboard serving trays created with chalkboard vinyl sheets.


cafe chalkboard art

5. Add personal touches to your goodie bags and take away packagings by using stickers and scribbling food specialty labels.  

Most successful cafés stand out among the rest because apart from the great products and services they offer, the place itself exudes a cozy and inviting vibe that makes people want to come back every now and then to relax and have a cup of their favorite caffeine treat.

Adding your own personal touch of heartfelt creativity and passion using liquid chalk markers will make a positive statement that your café is not just a business but also an extension of yourself.

What would your dream themed- café would be like with chalkboard art? We would like to hear from you at the comments below!  


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