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Have you ever taken table arrangement as one of the most important part of making your home a cozy place? And wouldn’t it be exciting to eat a hearty breakfast while seeing your favorite motivational quotes to lift your spirit every morning?

I am not just into chalkboard art, I am obsessed with them! So I won’t stop in giving you simple yet brilliant ideas on creating DIY projects by using liquid chalk markers. In this feature, I would like to share with you how can chalkboard art turn your ordinary, plain breakfast table into something that will brighten up your mornings every day.

Make It Personal

chalkboard breakfast table

Every one of us wants that fancy table in our home, it can either be an elegant dining table or an artsy end table at the corner of our room. But who wouldn’t want a refreshing looking breakfast table? It will be so relaxing that whenever you wake up in the morning you’ll be welcomed with a nice meal placed on top of a personalized, art-inspired breakfast table. And this can be achieved by doing some simple DIY chalkboard breakfast table arrangements, all on your own!

Do you want to make an extra special breakfast for your loved one without breaking a sweat? Easy. Take a plate of their favorite breakfast, have some freshly brewed coffee on the side and grab those liquid chalk markers!

Simply inscribe a personal message on the side of the plate using the liquid chalk markers. You can write quotes, remind them to have a great day ahead or simply the words “I Love You” in bold, colorful letters can give warmth to heart.

Art Attack!

chalkboard breakfast table

Do you always deal with scribbles found on your breakfast table? Stressing out with crayon covered table tops? Having fun, adorable and artistic kids are totally awesome, until they start drawing on your fancy table top. Well, you can get rid of these issues without taking out the fun in expressing their artistic side.

Why not try to design a table using a chalkboard art tray? It is simple, cheap and will absolutely encourage your kids’ Picasso instinct without having to worry about turning your breakfast table into junk.

Creating your own chalkboard art tray project is like a walk in the park. It is totally easier than scrubbing your bathroom floor! Just purchase a non-toxic chalkboard vinyl sheets and grab a tray in your kitchen, attach the fully adhesive vinyl sheets on your tray, then, you are done! Place the chalkboard art tray on your breakfast table and let your kids scribble away!

To learn more about creating your chalkboard art tray project, check out this post!.

Can’t Get Enough of Chalkboard Breakfast Art Projects?

chalkboard breakfast table

Now that you know how easy it is to design breakfast tables by creating chalkboard art projects, I'm guessing your mind is overflowing with creative ideas by now.

Aside from using liquid chalk markers and creating your very own chalkboard art tray, you can definitely make a whole chalkboard breakfast table. You can definitely use the non-toxic chalkboard vinyl sheets and stick it on your table top and have the whole family enjoy writing special messages on it or cute drawings that would make your day a memorable one.

You can also use Chalkboard Contact Paper in creating your chalkboard breakfast table.

What If I Don’t Have Time For DIY Projects?

chalkboard breakfast table

If you really want this personalized chalkboard breakfast table art project but don’t fancy doing DIY stuffs, no need to worry! Just go to the nearest chalkboard supply store or simply score some chalkboard art supplies online, where you can get the most durable and versatile chalkboard products you can conveniently use to turn your breakfast table a work of art.

You can try the Frameless Rustic Slate Chalkboard with Twine if you want a more vintage feel when you design your chalkboard breakfast table. And you can also opt for the fancy ones made of stone like the Natural Slate Rustic Chalkboard with Wooden Frame. You can simply put these on-the-go chalkboards on your breakfast table, then can let your family have fun with them and make each day an exciting one without worrying about taking too much time out of your busy day.

With the wide array of chalkboards and liquid chalk markers you can choose from, ideas of creating different artistic settings for your breakfast table would be infinite! Apart from it being cost-effective, it will surely bring fun and excitement to your home and would definitely make the family closer with all the activities you can share while spending your time together with your loved ones.

Share your experience with Versachalk liquid chalk markers in creating your Chalkboard Breakfast Table with us at the comments below!


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