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Thinking of an easy and cheap back to school DIY project? Well, my DIY senses are overflowing with ideas since back to school season is one of the most exciting times between us moms and the kids! So, I would require you now to grab your liquid chalk markers and let me show you one of the easiest chalkboard art ideas that you can do for your back-to-school DIY project.

One of the main school supplies that kids need at school are notebooks. And buying a neatly-designed notebook can be very expensive, especially if you need to get loads of it. So, why not make your own!

DIY chalkboard notebook cover

It will be easy to make with a simple stroke of your liquid chalk markers and would save you a lot of money, and you won't need to buy those fancy high-priced notebooks. And of course, it will also save you the stress running around the mall looking for that perfect notebook for your munchkin, and not to mention they will have something unique no one else will have!

Here are the simple steps you can follow to create your own back-to-school DIY chalkboard notebook cover:

DIY chalkboard notebook cover
  • Have your notebooks ready. They don’t have to be fancy, a simple-looking notepad would do since we are creating its unique cover design.
  • Grab some self-adhesive chalkboard contact paper and cut them according to the size of your notebooks.
  • Wrap your notebooks with the chalkboard contact paper, remember that they are self-adhesive that’s why you wouldn’t have to stress out yourself in using pressure-sensitive tapes to keep them in place.
  • Now, for the fun part. Grab your colorful liquid chalk markers and start designing your notebook covers! You can put cute drawings on them, your name or use the cover as your personal notepad.
DIY chalkboard notebook cover

See how easy this back-to-school chalkboard art DIY project to make? You can even do it with your kids! It could also be a way to boost their confidence and creativity while they show these personalized DIY chalkboard notebooks. The uniqueness that chalkboard art gives, your notebooks will definitely capture praises!

So, grab your chalkboard contact paper and liquid chalk markers and start saving money even before school starts!


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