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Have you ever had a busy morning and didn’t have time to brew your own coffee at home? Busy professionals would head to the nearest coffee shop and grab a cup of brew in a boring paper cup with the name often spelled wrong. Doesn’t it just ruin your day! What if the person making the coffee hands you a delightful hot cup with an awesome note on it instead? This simple project using liquid chalk markers can make someone smile in the morning and who knows? This might just be the PR gimmick you need to boost the sales of your cafe.  

Coffee Shops And Chalkboard Coffee Cups To Boost The Day

chalkboard coffee cups

It can be a hectic morning. Every young professional would be rushing through the doors for that favorite cup of coffee to get them through the day. While most businesses would think that serving up the best cup of brew can satisfy the customer, a little touching gesture can also go a long way. And this often makes the customer come back for more.

The secret can be found in chalkboard coffee cups.

Chalkboard Coffee Cups In The Morning

chalkboard coffee cups

All you need are liquid chalk markers and chalkboard coffee cups. These can be regular cups wrapped in chalkboard contact paper.  After grabbing that order from a customer, instead of writing their name alone, you can also write a wonderful note on it using different colored liquid chalk markers.

chalkboard coffee cups

There are so many lines to choose from. Even a note that says “Good morning!” is one great way to greet the customer. It gives a personal touch. If the customer has too many orders, writing the coffee flavor on each cup with different colored liquid chalk markers can be helpful.

chalkboard coffee cups

Customers can even request the coffee barista to write a note for them. Imagine trying to impress your boss with a cup of coffee and a note written in liquid chalk markers that says “Have a brewtiful day!”

That little bit of extra care, using chalkboard coffee cups and liquid chalk markers can go a long way. It encourages repeat customers and gives off that vibrant and wonderful feeling in the morning!

Try and serve your coffees with chalkboard coffee cups today and see how you can make someone’s day special.


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