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Chalk up! These chalkboard box crafts are the latest craze! They are so versatile and artsy that’s why I love creating different things with them. Every stroke of art you apply on a DIY Chalkboard Box becomes a special expression of your creativity that is truly original.  

Chalkboard boxes are easy to make. Simply grab a box of your desired size, then get some chalkboard contact paper and wrap it around the exterior of the box. Then, you’re done! You can now start creating your very own chalkboard box crafts.

To help you with some of the great ideas you can do, here are one of my favorite chalkboard box crafts that you can try.

  • Things I Love About You

  • This is a perfect anniversary gift that you can give to your loved one. A box full of reasons why you love your man would be a heartwarming surprise. Cut out small pieces of chalkboard contact paper and start writing using different colors of chalk markers.

    You can let them him know how you love the way he looks at you or how he patiently stays with you when you run around the mall all day. Those simple words would definitely melt any man’s, heart.

  • Vanity Box

  • All moms want to be pampered every now and then. So, why not give your mom a vanity box this Mother’s Day? You can use chalkboard boxes and glue them on top of the other. Then label each box with the specific type of vanity products, like hair, face, and nails.

    You can label them with the use of chalk markers. But be sure to pick her favorite nail polish or blush color before you put them in her chalkboard vanity box.

  • Memory Chest

  • Do you want to relive cherished keepsakes? Then a chalkboard box is the best way to do it with a touch of art. Gather all your memorable photos and souvenirs then glue them in each on chalkboard contact papers. And with your chalk markers, write the memories you had with each keepsake. You can keep this memory chest as your own or give them as a gift for friends and relatives.

    Chalkboard boxes are a unique piece of art that you can play with thousands of ideas. They can go as your own treasured craft or a special gift to people that you love. Not to mention that they are easy to make and would not go over your budget.


    Try one of these chalkboard box crafts and make your loved ones know how you feel about them! Share your story with us in the comments below!


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