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All of us love a personalized mug. It makes every cup of coffee a special one just because it feels like we truly own that mug that was specially dedicated and uniquely designed for us. But what would be the best way to create this one of a kind mug? With the use of chalkboard contact papers and chalkboard spray, you can have a DIY chalkboard mug! They are cheap, durable, versatile and handy.

It always excites me whenever I work on handcrafted mugs. They don’t require a lot of time and effort but would always end up not just a piece of art, but a personal expression of myself.

In this feature, I will guide you through the steps on how you can turn a boring mug into a flashy-looking piece of functional craft.

What You Need:

  • Mug
  • Chalkboard contact paper or Chalkboard Spray (choose your preference)
  • Chalkboard Markers

How To Make a DIY Chalkboard Mug

First Option: Using chalkboard spray

  • First, pick out a mug of your liking, it can be you’re a big or small mug. Start spraying the chalkboard spray all over the mug and wait for it to dry for a few hours.
  • Do a thin coat on your first spray.
  • After it dries, apply your second coat and let it dry completely.
  • Drying works faster when you put it under the sun.

Second Option: Using chalkboard contact papers

  • If you don’t like working with sprays, you can opt to use adhesive chalkboard contact papers.
  • Then, simply peel off the sheet and carefully wrap it around your mug.
  • You can easily smoothen the surface by putting a little pressure while you rub the sheet on the mug to remove air bubbles.
  • If you didn’t get it right the first time, you can easily remove the sheet and reposition it.

After drying your mug (using chalkboard spray) or removing the excess sheet at the edges of the mug (using chalkboard contact papers), grab those colorful chalkboard markers and start sketching your personalized design on the mug.

Designing mugs with chalkboard products are so exciting! The ideas are unlimited. They are one of those chalkboard DIY projects that I did which are easy to create and are not time consuming. Not to mention that they are so cheap!

When you give it as a gift, you can scribble words like “have a good day” with a fresh brewed coffee in it and give it to your loved one to start their morning with a smile.

Isn’t it that easy to make someone happy? Start your own DIY chalkboard mug today and see how easy it is to create this awesome craft. Share your experience with us below!


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