• 4 Cool DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks To Personalize Your Kitchen


    For foodies and passionate home cooks like me, I consider my kitchen as my happy place. It is my own special place where I could bring out my creativity, and make delicious dishes and treats that will fill in the tummy of my loved ones and make them happy. Being a self- proclaimed DIY mom and diva, I love organizing and decorating my happy place. And guess what I found out? Reinventing your kitchen can be as easy as 1-2-3 with DIY kitchen chalkboard decor! They are cheap, easy to make and will definitely turn your kitchen into a family-friendly and trendy art gallery.

    Why Turn to Chalkboard for Kitchen Decor?

    DIY chalkboard kitchen decor


    Chalkboards have been part of every household nowadays, they make every spot in your home seem like a work of art. Not to mention that they make our busy lives convenient, with a simple stroke using liquid chalk markers, we can take note of the things we need to do and not bother to look for a piece of paper in every drawer. And you can enjoy this by simply hanging a kitchen chalkboard. Now, that’s an innovative chalkboard kitchen decor.

    Life is just so easy with these chalkboard ideas, they made mine better! One of my favorite DIY chalkboard ideas is creating kitchen chalkboard designs. This is perfect for families with busy lifestyles and for those who wants to have a homey feel in the kitchen.

    Let me guide you on how you can turn your kitchen into a fully functional space using these DIY kitchen chalkboard design ideas wherein you and your family can enjoy.

    Must- Try Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks

    Condiment Labels

    DIY chalkboard kitchen decor


    This kitchen chalkboard design is just so cute! Instead of having the conventional-looking condiment jars, you can turn them into a work of art. Simply use a chalkboard spray, spray the whole jar with it, let it dry and you’re done. Then use your colorful liquid chalk markers and label them one by one. Or if you prefer the plain white liquid chalk markers you may use that too.

    If you’re not comfortable using a chalkboard spray, you can also use a chalkboard contact paper. Cut it into small pieces or in any desired size that would fit your condiment jar. Wrap your jar with the chalkboard contact paper. Then start scribbling your labels with the liquid chalk markers.


    Chalkboard Grocery List

    DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


    Have you been missing your to-buy stuff on market days even when you make a list? Well, why not take note of the things from the fridge on the same day they run out. There’s no need to have it on a paper and eventually lose it, simply get a hanging chalkboard grocery list. You can nail it on your kitchen wall or stick it on your fridge.

    This one is easy to make. Grab some chalkboard vinyl sheets, stick it on a cardboard or a piece of wood, put a string on two of its ends, and voila! You got your own DIY kitchen chalkboard design. Then have a liquid chalk marker tied to it, then, start writing down the stuff that you need on your next market day.

    With your newly handcrafted chalkboard grocery list, you will never forget to buy that milk again and avoid those screaming kids in the morning because they can’t have their cereal.

    Breakfast Chalkboard Tray

    DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


    One of the best mornings I had was when I was greeted with a breakfast in bed and a lovely message on a chalkboard tray. You can make this too! Say your sweet nothings on a tray. Simply cover the top of the tray with a chalkboard contact paper or vinyl sheets, then, grab those colorful liquid chalk markers and scribble away. Every morning will start with a smile if you make each a memorable one.


    Personalized Plate and Mug

    DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


    Do you want to greet someone a happy birthday? Or just want to get your message across in an artful way? Then, start with your own chalkboard personalized plate and mug. Make a slice of cake extra special by scribbling loving words on the side of the plate using liquid chalk markers. And for the mug, wrap it with chalkboard contact paper or use a chalkboard spray to cover its exterior. Then, you can start sketching art designs all over it. Now, that’s an easy-peasy way to say how you care.

    With the endless DIY chalkboard ideas, you can never go wrong using them. They are easy to make, light on the budget and an artful one indeed!

    Start creating your own chalkboard craft today and see how it can brighten each and everyone’s day.

  • Originality as Virtue in Creating Art


    Love and passion for the arts and all things creative is what this week's Artist Spotlight Michelle Hickey embraced as a career. In this social media age wherein art ideas and inspirations come in a single click, Michelle stayed true to her own signature style and originality is greatly valued as her work ethic.

    So let's get to know more about this very talented lady from the Sunshine State and find out how she was able to establish her own artistic process and become the artist she is today.   

    What are three interesting facts about yourself?

    Hi! I'm a graphic designer + blogger who helps fellow creatives in growing online businesses. Here are some interesting random facts about me:

    1. I have a major sweet tooth. If there’s a cupcake, donut, or cookie shop nearby, I will find it.

    2. I love the 1940’s + 1950’s and wish I had the chance to live during that era.

    3. Being a graphic designer is my dream job, but my runner up would be a tv writer.

    What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?

    I know where my talents lie— and that I’m not the best when it comes to hand-lettering or drawing freehand. So I dug into one of the designs I had already created from my Enchanting Mondays Library and used it as a guide.

    I love all things color, so Versachalk made it easy to bring the design to life on a chalkboard!

    What’s your artistic process like? Are there any routines you stick to stay/get inspired?

    I start each project with brainstorming and gathering inspiration. Rather than go on Pinterest and search, only to see what others have already created, I try to think in terms of theme, rather than project name.

    I research colors and gather images that help set the mood, ending with my favorite step: choosing the perfect font. 

    What makes good art? How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

    As time goes on it becomes increasingly hard to create work that’s truly original. It’s okay to be inspired by what’s been done before, as long as you are approaching it from a new angle.

    Good art is full of thought, purpose, and meaning. I don’t believe you can get “good” at art. Art is a journey. You may go through phases where you’ll experiment with new mediums, and it might take you awhile to get the hang of a new tool, but every piece, even those created during a “learning” period, have their own, beautiful characteristics. 

    Words of advice for up and coming artists? 

    Your individuality and every unique thing about you are what will make your artwork (and brand) amazing. Instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing, own your style, and share it boldly. 


    Read Michelle's personal testimony and blog post about Chalkboard Lettering Made Easy with VersaChalk Markers. 

    Find more of Michelle's work and connect with her at Elegance and Enchantment. 


    Are you an artist or entrepreneur who uses VersaChalk markers for your art or business? We would love to hear and share your story! 

    Use #versachalk in your artwork created with VersaChalk markers for a chance to be featured!

  • VersaChalk Joins Red Bull Doodle Art in Showcasing Young Artists


    Advanced technologies and new media may have diverted the youth in some way from doing traditional art and various disciplines in other fields, but it does not mean that art is of less importance to this generation. It only proves in Red Bull’s recent Doodle Art competition that fresh, raw talent was a big catch. Of course, VersaChalk wouldn’t want to miss this event in the world! It is VersaChalk’s mission to support up and coming artists who wanted to make their mark through their creativity and passion.

    Ready, Set, Doodle!


    Red Bull Doodle Art is one of the most anticipated art events by young artists all over the world. It brought over 50 thousand students from over a thousand universities in around 40 countries. The event allows students and young artists to freely express their creativity and young, imaginative minds through art. Unlike any other competitions, the Red Bull Doodle Art event has no restrictions, but somewhat a rule to note: Freely express yourself by doodling and making art!



    The 20 finalists who showcased their talents live in this event were chosen out of online public voting. The finalists used VersaChalk liquid chalk markers in creating their artworks in the form of glass murals. VersaChalk liquid chalk markers work best on non-porous surfaces like glass, and the vibrancy of Versachalk liquid markers made each stroke of art more striking and marked with precision.   


    The Global Doodle Quest


    The young artists who participated in the live doodle art session are the ones who stood out among the hundreds of participants who uploaded their work in Red Bull’s online gallery.

    Rojan Elmo Barcelon, a student of the University of the Philippines Diliman was hailed Region Winner and will represent the Philippines in the Global Red Bull Doodle Art Finals arena later this year.



    According to the Red Bull Doodle Art website, the finalists in each country will be coached and are to create their pieces in 3D. Their artworks will be viewed and opened to the public in Red Bull’s online digital gallery.

    These art events do not only foster and promote creativity among the youngsters but also enlivens the beauty and essence of traditional art in our culture and society.

    If you are a young, aspiring artist, go ahead and grab your VersaChalk markers, and make your own mark as an artist today!  

  • Bringing Bliss Through Chalkboard Art


    Creating art that makes her and others happy is this week's Artist Spotlight featured artist Jennifer Biggers passion. Get to know this creative momma more and get inspired. 


    What are three interesting facts about yourself?

    Here are some interesting facts about me:

    I am a mother of twins boys, I work in Special Services, and I like dunking Maria cookies in my coffee.

    What inspired you to make what you did with @versachalk?

    A lot of families request milestone boards that are fun, vibrant, and capture their child's personality along with their party or birthday theme. VersaChalk offers various color options. I can always count on their markers to help me create pieces that will stand out at an event.


    What’s your artistic process like? Are there any routines you stick to stay/get inspired?

    I try to only work on non-porous boards when working with VersaChalk. The tip of the markers glides smoothly on a flat surface, and it makes it easier to blend colors.

    I do not have a formal process, but I am big on color balance and formatting. I make sure the pieces are fun and bold, but that they are also eye friendly.


    What makes good art?

    All art is good art as long as it is authentic and made with love.

    How long did it take for you to get “good” at it?

    I'm still trying to perfect my craft, but I felt comfortable with sharing my work when I notice how much joy it brought to others.


    Words of advice for up and coming artists?

    Art is very therapeutic and it has brought balance to my life. So, create art that makes you happy, and if it brings joy to others as well, then that's a plus.


    Are you an artist or entrepreneur who uses VersaChalk markers for your art or business? We would love to hear and share your story! 

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