• Motivational Chalkboard Quotes For The Creative DIY Diva In You


    Motivational quotes can offer strength, drive, and inspiration. There are different forms and subjects of quotes out there but when it comes to creativity, I find that it is often a struggle. There are days when even the DIY diva in me would not dare to come out. And this is typical. After all, we are only human and we all often struggle for inspiration. 

    For some people, motivational and inspirational quotes can do the trick. And quotes on chalkboards look amazing anywhere. 

    How Can I Get Inspired?

    Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

    It starts with looking into yourself and understand what drives you. Personally, sometimes I need that extra nudge and chalkboard art is always there to back me up!

    With liquid chalk markers on hand and an empty chalk board in front of me, I am ready to write my worries away. The quote “Creativity Takes Courage” is one of my favorites and help me get through some rough days.

    I often wonder how can such a simple quote inspire me so much. I started out with a white liquid chalk marker on a black chalkboard. Day after day, I continue to look at the board and challenged myself to add more color to it. Little by little, I became more and more motivated to get creative once again!

    You Just Got To Believe

    Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

    You can do the same! When you are feeling down, try playing around with some liquid chalk markers, they may just help you get through your creative rut. Just believe in yourself. That sounds like a great motivational quote too, don’t you think?

    The opportunities for chalkboard quotes are endless. Pretty soon, your creative eye will start opening up when you start looking for ideas and find solutions.

    Motivational Chalkboard Creativity Quotes

    Make sure you put your chalkboard quote somewhere that can be frequently seen. For example, that coffee table in the middle of the living room can be a great place to start. You can use vinyl sheets as your base. Whenever you have your morning or afternoon coffee, you will always be reminded to believe in yourself because of that motivational quote in front of you. And pretty soon, you will pick up your DIY tools of the trade and get started on being the creative that you are meant to be.

    Creativity is meant for everybody. Who said arts and crafts are for kids only? Here is one quote that some creatives live by. “The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived” by Ursula K. LeGuin. If you know someone who is feeling down in the dumps, you can also send him or her chalkboard quotes as a pick-me-upper.


    I find that chalkboard quotes are personal great reminders and awesome gifts for friends and family members, too. Liquid chalk markers are not just for drawing and coloring alone. They can be tools for inspiration and motivation to push further and do better!

    Try making chalkboard quotes and chalkboard art today with liquid chalk markers, and push your creativity to greater heights!

  • This DIY Chalkboard Vinyl Decor Is the Coolest Retro-Themed DIY Project!


    Let us go retro! It is a flashback to the days when the colors bronze and forest green ensemble makes sense. Dare to go retro with liquid chalk markers? I know a lot of DIY enthusiasts are all for it, especially when they get to experiment with a combination of colors like mint green and salmon pink, copper and aqua, orange and cream, and much more!

    Aside from the decade’s colors, going retro also means pulling out the old vinyl records. Over the weekend, I was able to score some vinyl pieces from a garage sale. These vinyls can no longer be played because they are scratched to the core. Which made them affordable purchases and a DIY gold mine for chalkboard art!

    Dare to go retro with chalkboard vinyl decor? This is perfect for a theme party, statement pieces for your room or living area, and an awesome gift for your friends who love the era or anything vintage.

    chalkboard vinyl decor

    Stuff You Need To Make The Chalkboard Vinyl Decor:

    1. A set of liquid chalk marker. A combination of different colors is a must have in order to achieve the retro vibe.
    2. A few pieces of vinyl records. If you are able to score different sizes from a garage sale, those are perfect! Make sure they are no longer playable. If you are not able to find vinyl records, you can also use vinyl sheets instead that are cut into round shapes.
    3. Retro quotes or vintage designs you want to follow. Anything goes!
    4. Bring your DIY energy to the mix!

    In this case, the chalkboard art we are creating will be used as decoration pieces for a friend’s diner. Imagine a comfy restaurant with leather seats and high chairs. Plus a juke box at the far corner. Behind the juke box is an empty white wall. The perfect place for a few pieces of chalkboard vinyl decor.

    First things first, choose the liquid chalk markers you want to use. There are no mistakes in this DIY activity! Every color combination you can think of can create a retro and vintage feel. You can choose a set of two to three colors at best.

    DIY Chalkboard Vinyl Decor Step by Step:

    chalkboard vinyl decor

    1. Starting at the center of the vinyl record, you may need to remove the label first. Some labels can be easily peeled off. For some, you may need to dampen it with a wet cloth. If the label can be written over without fuss, you can use a liquid chalkboard marker of your choice to cover it. The vinyl record I’m using has a label that is not too obvious when colored with chalkboard markers. In this case, I’m using a blue liquid chalkboard marker to cover the whole circle print. The solid color will surely pop on the wall!
    2. Now that you have colored the label, it is time to design your vinyl. You can choose any design you want. You can even use quotes if you wish. In this case, the diner is set right beside a beach so I have chosen cool colors and flower designs. Use a different liquid chalk marker this time. To make your design pop, draw the outline of the flower instead of coloring it in. It makes the black vinyl stand out.
    3. And you’re done! All you need to do is hang your DIY chalkboard art on the wall or give it as a gift to a friend who loves vintage.

    You can never go wrong with liquid chalk markers and chalkboard vinyl decor. Plus, you can just wipe it off if you make a mistake or want to make a new design.

    Are you having a retro themed summer party over the weekend? These chalkboard vinyl decors are just the pieces you need for your wall.

    Try this DIY chalkboard art now and go retro!

  • Cherish Your Summer Break Memories on a DIY Chalkboard Photo Board


    Summer break has just begun, and making the memories last with the use of chalkboards and liquid chalk markers are just the coolest thing to do this summer! Have all your treasured summer break photos stylishly shown out on display with these different chalkboard photo board DIY projects. All you need are liquid chalk markers and a chalkboard paper to create these awesome crafts. These are simple and easy on the budget projects for you, your family and friends to cherish.

    Clip-on Chalkboard Photo Board

    chalkboard photo board

    This is a very handy craft that does not need a lot of time, money and effort. To create this, you simply need a bunch of clips and strings. And of course, a chalkboard paper and liquid chalk markers to complete its artsy effect.

    The first thing to do, grab a wooden framed chalkboard for that rustic effect. Hang it, then, start attaching the strings on it, in a horizontal position. After this, start clipping those lovely summer break photos on the strings.

    Then have those liquid chalk markers ready for you, your family and friends to use. Write on the photos. Describe what’s on them, put funny quotes, draw on the faces, do whatever you want to make it look more personal and memorable.

    Isn’t that the easiest DIY chalkboard photo board ever? Like a walk in the park!

    Boho-Chic Chalkboard Photo Board

    chalkboard photo board

    I can’t get enough of these boho-inspired designs, they are just my favorite! I bet a lot of young fashion gurus would agree with me on this. But mixing it with chalkboards? A bohemian-themed style combined with rustic and vintage effect of chalkboards, that would definitely be a fab piece of artwork!

    Start with a piece of wood. Look for a dried tree branch, size depends on how many photos you’re going to hang on it. Or you can grab a lot of branches to handle all those cute summer break photos.

    You can place the tree branch wherever you like. It can be designed as an actual tree inside your home or position it on the wall, hanging.

    After finally deciding where to place your tree branch, get those colorful yarns and start tying them on the branch. Grab your knock out summer break photos and stick them on the strings.

    chalkboard photo board

    Now, with the use of chalkboard paper cutouts and liquid chalk markers, write stuff about your summer break photos and start sticking them on your tree branch as well. You can put notes like “Conquering the Great Outdoors” on a photo where you and friends are slipping off a rock in the river, it will be silly and fun at the same time.

    And to complete the “boho” effect, add little light bulbs hanging on your tree branch.

    It is truly fun and awesomely artistic as you play around with these chalkboard DIY designs. And those liquid chalk markers, they definitely give that unique personal touch on each project. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Create your own DIY chalkboard photo board today and see how enjoyable it is to work on this easy and budget-friendly chalkboard DIY project!

  • These Cool Chalkboard DIY Projects Will Complete Your Summer Fun!


    Do you already feel the heat of the summer? If you do, that is awesome! If you don’t, it is perfectly alright. Most of us need certain reminders because most of us are stuck indoors during the day. Remember, you are not alone! How I wish to bask in the sun with my friends and family today. All the more reason for me to look forward to that much-awaited summer vacation. Which is why this summer break, DIY chalkboard projects especially chalkboard quotes are a must- do to make your summer days brighter and fun!

    Use Liquid Chalk Markers To Make Fun Summer DIY Projects

    summer diy projects

    Ask yourself what does summer remind you of? For me, summer reminds me of adventures under the sun! Summer also reminds me of the waves and the sand. It is a time when a lot of folks can not wait for the weekend or for that planned vacation. However, the great summer break vacation may still be a few days or even weeks away for most people. And that is okay. You can still get hyped up and all prepared for your summer vacation using chalkboard quotes!

    How to Get a Feel of the Summer Break With Chalkboard Quotes

    summer diy projects

    The key is motivation and inspiration, plus a lot of colors! There are so many ways to feel the summer vacation using liquid chalk markers. Here are a couple of ideas.

    1. Use chalkboard quotes to brighten up your day. In my case, I like to make sure that the places I always frequent would remind me of summer. This is a chance for the DIY diva in me to shine! Feel the summer and celebrate the season by hanging chalkboard summer quote signs. You can choose quotes that are motivational and fun. Remember, summer can be celebrated indoors too!

    summer diy projects

    For your summer break chalkboard quotes, you can use a hanging chalkboard, chalkboard paper or a chalkboard wooden frame. In this case, I am using green, yellow and blue liquid chalk markers which are the usual summer colors because it reminds me of the sun, sea and palm trees. But you can use any color from your liquid chalk markers set. Make it pop!

    Not feeling the colors and going for black and white in this DIY activity? Sure thing! If you’d rather use white liquid chalk markers, you are welcome to do so. It goes very well with the black chalkboard sheets.

    A great chalkboard quote would be “Go Have An Adventure” on your base. Here’s a neat tip: Instead of searching for statements online, you can also create and write your own personal chalkboard quotes.

    1. But chalkboard quotes are not only limited to boards and frames. You can have summer break reminders on different items, too. You can design a lunch box, notebook or even chalkboard coffee cups. Don’t you think having a cup of coffee with a smiling sun or a sunny quote on it is a refreshing idea? It is definitely the top thing you need in the morning to get you motivated for that upcoming summer break!

    Turn on that DIY imagination and look forward to your summer break by creating these awesome chalkboard DIY projects with liquid chalk markers today!

  • Get a FREE Back to School Chalkboard Printables for those First Day of School Photos


    Tired of those judgey school moms and their perfect First Day of School photos on social media?

    First day of school printables using liquid chalk markers

    The first day of school can often be somewhat chaotic, even when you think you have it together and somehow, we always forget something. And the morning ends up with burnt toast, someone is missing a sneaker and you are pulling your kids' favorite childhood stuffed animal out of your dog’s mouth for twenty minutes. And suddenly, you realize you forgot to do the one thing that really mattered that morning, preparing for that Back to School photo that every mom will post that day.

    And then there’s you, who ends up posting a picture of your kids holding a piece of copy paper you quickly grabbed from your printer as the bus is pulling up with a scribbled “First Day of School” and the date on it from an almost dried out pink highlighter (because of course that was all you could find) and screaming for them to look at you for 5 seconds so you can snap a photo before the bus pulls away without them, yet you were so determined to get that perfect first day of school picture for social media and prove that you are the mom that never forgets that first day photo. We applaud your efforts because we know the morning felt more like a CrossFit class.

    Versachalk Back to School Contest

    Don’t worry, we know what it’s really like, and we won’t tell. We are here to help and prepare you ahead of time so you can actually enjoy the morning with your little ones and create more of a memory than just capturing one in a photo. Document this special moment with our FREE First Day of School Photo Printables!

    A kid's back to school chalkboard printableChalkboard Artwork

    Check It Out in 3 Easy Steps! 

    These printables are high- quality graphics, created by VersaChalk artists and most importantly, Judgement Free!

    1. Download our FREE First Day of School Printables
    2. Print out on any 8.5x11 inch paper or print on our chalkboard vinyl sheets
    3. Fill it out! Brighten it up using our Neon or Classic liquid chalk markers

    Decorate their back-to-school chalkboard (or let them do it themselves!). 

    Back to school photoReady for back to school printable



    Download, print and write! 

      Boy holding back to school chalkboard printablesback to school chalkboard printables from Versachalk

       These First Day of School Printables are available in two colors:

      • White for black and white printers
      • Full Color for colored printers. 

      Download both versions here

      Full Color Chalkboard PrintableBlack & White Chalkboard Printable

      Back to School Printables in plain and colored format


      How do I print these chalkboard printables? 

      • These can be printed using any at-home printer! (Note: you can use photo paper but writing with black ink can smudge the copy.) We prefer using thick paper or vinyl sheets

      Do I have to print it on thick paper? 

      • No need! You can print this on ordinary paper. Just wait 3-5 minutes for the ink to dry. 
      • If you want to print on thicker paper, we recommend choosing 250-300 gsm paper. GSM refers to the thickness and can be found on the paper's packaging. 

      How do I get the chalkboard background? 

      • The chalkboard design is already part of the design that will be directly printed on the paper. There's no need to buy a chalkboard! 

      Where can I find the plain printable? I only see the colored one!

      • The PDF file has two pages. The plain chalkboard printable is on page two. 

      First day of School Chalkboard Printables

      So get ready to be the most envied Mom at school and have everybody talking about your awesome First Day of School sign that looks like it took you all week to make! Oh and of course they are talking about your adorable kids too!!

      If you experience issues with the file, contact us at info@versachalk.com and we'll be happy to help out!