Surprise Dad This Father's Day With Chalkboard- Inspired Goodies

June 17, 2017

VersaChalk Staff


Does dad already have everything he needs? If you’re having trouble finding dad a gift for Father’s Day, you are not alone! Which is why liquid chalkboard markers can be helpful little tools!

Over the past few years, most dads would have already accumulated everything they needed or wanted. That leaves us kids with the task of finding the perfect gift. But what would be the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day?

Sometimes, the gift of imagination can be the most wonderful thing. Father’s Day is a day where dad deserves to be comfortable, with his feet up the couch watching his favorite sports program or a movie with the whole family. This is where the DIY tricks of the trade come in!

Give Pops The Best In-House Movie Treat

  1. The first thing you need is to grab dad’s favorite movie or a DVD of a movie he is aching to see but has not seen yet.

Make sure to have the TV or home theater ready. Then, of course, prep up the couch comfy for your one and only king.

  1. He would need a soda and popcorn. But not just any popcorn. He needs a popcorn that says he is the “best dad” in the world!
  2. Grab a popcorn box and using liquid chalkboard markers you can draw on the box using dad’s favorite colors. You can even give it your own twist and draw a special message or designs on the popcorn box or anything that he likes. My dad likes rockets. In this case, I’m going to draw small rockets all over the box.
  3. Thinking of making a card? That’s a great idea! You can use chalkboard paper. With your handy liquid chalkboard markers, you can write the message “To the Best POP in the world!” With a side of popcorn and a cold soda pop on the side, he’ll love it!

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot to make dad happy this Father’s Day. Pop will surely appreciate the small gesture that a home movie can bring and the imagination you used with liquid chalkboard markers. Try it now for Fathers’ Day!




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