Awesome and Functional DIY Chalkboard Paper Ideas

May 07, 2017

VersaChalk Staff


Are you always having a hard time picking out gift wrapping designs? Or cannot find the perfect cover for a book? Then, why don’t you make your own unique design using chalkboard paper? They are economical, versatile and handy. You will not run out of ideas on your DIY projects with these awesome chalkboard papers.

Chalkboard contact papers are easy to use. Simply peel them off and stick them on any DIY projects you are working on. They are highly adhesive but easy to remove and reposition. And they are unimaginably durable, so, you don’t have to worry about tears while creating your artsy craft.

Chalkboard paper wrappers are your all-around partner when it comes to creating crafts. You can make hundreds of DIY projects with them. Here are some of the few DIY projects I did where I used these amazing chalkboard paper wrappers. You can try them too!

One of a Kind Gift Wrapper

chalkboard paper

Grab your chalkboard contact papers and chalk markers and create your personalized gift wrapper.

  1. Simply use the contact papers and wrap it around your gift. There’s no need to use any other adhesive tape to seal it, the contact paper is highly adhesive and you can conveniently peel it off and wrap it around your gift.
  2. Then, use the chalk markers and start sketching designs on your wrapper.
  3. You can now draw images and messages on your chalkboard wrapper. 

You can even write your best wishes message on your chalkboard gift wrapper! Isn’t that better than just having a small gift tag attached to your special gift?

Multipurpose Book Cover

I hate it whenever I forget the page where I left off when I put my book down. And bookmarks always get misplaced and sometimes do some unpleasant markings on my book. I’m sure all book lovers out there feel the same.

So, I came up with an idea of creating a unique, multipurpose book cover that I can use to protect my treasured books and serve like a bookmarker at the same time.

Here’s how to create your own multipurpose book cover:

  1. Get a sheet of adhesive chalkboard contact paper and wrap it around your book.
  2. Simply reposition it if ever you didn’t get it right the first time you make your attempt, it is easy to peel off and remove.
  3. Then, after covering the entire book, you can start to write on the cover using the chalk markers.
  4. You can note the last page you read or scribble your favorite quotes from it. And since chalkboard contact papers are highly durable it can definitely protect your book better than any other types of wrappers.

With chalkboard contact papers, you don’t need to spend too much in creating your own DIY projects. Not to mention that they are highly versatile and easy to utilize, you can conveniently use them in almost all of your art crafts.

So, roll-up your sleeves and start creating these easy DIY chalkboard paper projects and save a lot of time and money while enjoying craft making!


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